How to Recruit in Aviation3 min read

Anne-Marie / June 8, 2017
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Aviation job board
Caption: How to Recruit in Aviation3 min read

Aircraft traffic is continually increasing and airline companies need to recruit talents in aviation. Airlines hire recruiting operation agents, PNC or machinists. Airports constantly evolve. All these examples show that there is a continuous demand and offer in the sector of aeronautics. This is why we have decided to focus on this activity that attracts many candidates and is currently recruits. In this article, we are going to try to give you many useful tips about recruitment in aviation and all its different jobs. From technician to airport operation manager, to pilots or runway agents scaring away birds, we will see to what extent this international sector is promising and we will give recruiters the best job boards that they can use in order to complete their recruitment campaign successfully.

A varied and international sector

Aviation in general covers all aeronautic activities, from civil to commercial. When you talk about aeronautics, you can talk about sport aviation, but you also being referring about civil aviation (tourism), as well as air work. Aeronautics also includes all sciences and technologies that make things flying in the Earth’s atmosphere. To these activities, you can also add aerospace activities. It was important to give you this very short definition of the sector because it proves that aviation and aeronautics offer different positions, for a number of workers.plane engine : How to recruit in aviation

Furthermore, it is important to mention that aviation is an international sector. The main reason we created aircrafts was to connect countries and people, in order to travel easily, and to discover other habits, other landscapes, build international partnerships, etc. Plus, the main language used in the sector is English, to make sure that everybody understand each other. This might be the only activity that makes everyone see eye to eye. Let’s not forget to mention that globalization has always helped aviation, and this is why the sector keeps on attracting new blood and why it offers so many job opportunities.

A large number of job offers

No one can deny that aeronautics attract talented jobseekers. And as we said before, air traffic continues to rise. That is why the sector had a huge demand in workforce, from the simple machinist to the biggest engineer. It is true that the job opportunities generally come from the biggest companies in aviation and aerospace. But the little companies also need to recruit, and candidates seem to forget them, especially because the most job offers are in production and manufacturing. So that shows that aviation is a “runway” for work and employment.

Jobboard Finder’s top job boards in aviation:

Here are the best job board specialized in aviation and aeronautic jobs, that will be good for both recruiters and job seekers.

  1. Aviation Job Search
  2. AeroContact
  3. FlightJobs
  4. AviationCV

Remember that if you look for a job in the sector, you can also look on the career websites of airlines and manufacturers like Aribus or Boing, and as well on generalist job boards like Indeed.

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2 thoughts on “How to Recruit in Aviation3 min read

  1. Hi Anne-Marie

    Would you be able to advise me on how or what is best way to find big name airliners that would be looking for a recruitment agent to assist them in their aviation needs.

    Any advice would greatly be appreciated

    1. Write to the airlines directly if there are some you want to work for! And otherwise, look through the job offers on the different job boards listed.

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