Interview with LocuriDeMuncaCluj, a local job board in Romania3 min read

Cara Moore / January 16, 2018
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Caption: Interview with LocuriDeMuncaCluj, a local job board in Romania3 min read

Today on the blog we have another interview for you! We spoke to Septimiu Popovici, an employee at the job board LocuriDeMuncaCluj, a regional generalist job board for employment prospects in the Cluj region in northwestern Romania. Read on to find out more about their job board activities and plans for development!

Can you tell us more about your job board and its current positioning in the international job board market?

Our job board has been on the market since 2014 and it began as an enthusiastic small project. The LocuriDeMuncaCluj.NET ( as translated in English) was our response to the local market staffing needs. Our goal was to offer a local professional tool with all the advantages of being settled on the second largest recruiting market in Romania, the Cluj county area.

LocuriDeMuncaCluj.NET is a unique approach for Romania and we are based in the most dynamic labour market in the country. Our targeted approach puts us on the map, as well as ensuring we appear in all search results for every Romanian and international venture that is willing to build a business here.

What are the specific features that make your job board different from your competitors?

Our local approach keeps us close to the companies and the candidates. Therefore we can be very specific on industries, on organizational culture and local job hunting habits. We also have a special relationship with the local recruitment specialists who provide us with enough feedback to keep our products targeted, effective and flexible. Our high degree of flexibility is what our big national competitors lack, and what makes us the obvious and cost-effective choice.

What can you say about the current traffic on your website? What countries are visiting more often?

Our visitors are mostly local citizens, however increasingly more candidates from all over Romania and abroad are considering moving and working in Cluj, Romania. The large majority of traffic on our website (around 97%) comes from inside Romania, although there is a small but regular amount of traffic from the United Kingdom too.

How do you plan to develop your job board within the next few years? What are the main challenges you will be facing?

Our plan is to lead the local market and keep close to potential candidates and employers. We think that the coming challenges are the forthcoming global competitors like Facebook and Google that are looking into recruitment markets.

What do you think about Jobboard Finder and why is it an advantage for you to be registered on our website?

We think Jobboard Finder is a great way to see a wide range of different job boards and to get a better exposure on both national and global markets. It’s a very helpful index that makes recruitment possible, no matter where you are.

Thank you very much for answering our questions Septimiu! We wish your job board all the best this year and in all your future endeavours.

Although LocurideMuncaCluj‘s website is entirely in Romanian, you can easily post a job on their website via Jobboard Finder! We partner with several job boards in Romania and hundreds of other job boards worldwide too, for all your recruitment needs.

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