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Cara Moore / January 9, 2018
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Welcome back to the blog, where today we have for you the first country recruitment guide of 2018! If you’re looking to expand your international recruitment campaigns, why not consider looking in Vietnam? Jobboard Finder can help you, with our partner job boards in Vietnam you’ll be able to find your ideal candidates easily. Read on to find out more about this country and all it has to offer.


Located in Southeast Asia, this country is popular with tourists and businesses alike. The capital city of Vietnam is Hanoi (since 1976), but Ho Chi Minh City is its most populous city.

It has a population of around 94.6 million inhabitants (2016 estimates), making Vietnam the 14th most populous country in the world. Vietnam has a GDP per capita of $6,925 and is considered a ‘medium’ country on the international Human Development index. 

The Vietnamese economy is expanding by nearly 7% per year. A number of transnational manufacturing companies have been moving in recent years from China to Vietnam, since employee wages are lower and this has contributed to the country’s strong economic growth in the last decade.



State of the job market

Since 2000, Vietnam’s economic growth rate has been among the highest in the world. Poverty has significantly declined in Vietnam and the unemployment rate is low, at around 2.3%, although interestingly jobless people tend to be those with bachelor’s or master’s degrees. This is because of the wide availability of low-skilled work in Vietnam, with limited high-level positions.

Vietnam was a predominantly agricultural nation, whose economy was supported by the farming of wet rice. There is also traditionally a bauxite industry in Vietnam. However recently, information technology and high-tech industries form a large part of the national economy and employment prospects, and this is growing still.


Vietnam is a country of 93 million people with a median age of 30, and the local job market is reportedly doing much better than neighbouring countries, with recruitment heating up for 2018 hiring. This large labour force means roughly 1 million new youths enter the job market every year. Although the Vietnamese workforce has the advantage in terms of numbers and cost, the quality of labour tends to be less skilled than elsewhere in the world. 

Visa and permits needed

Non-Vietnamese nationals will have to sponsored by their employers to get a working Visa. It’s recommended for job seekers to go to Vietnam with a job already secured since this can be difficult to find otherwise once already in the country. This doesn’t apply for jobs teaching English, however.



Average monthly salary taking into account all workers in Vietnam is between 1,000,000 VND (50USD) and 2,500,000VND (125USD), while for an office worker, average wages can reach 7,000,000 VND (350USD).

Jobboard Finder’s top picks

Job boards are highly successful when it comes to recruiting quality candidates in Vietnam. However, most if not all sites are in Vietnamese with no option to translate them into English. Therefore if you’re planning a recruitment campaign, we highly recommend that you come through Jobboard Finder; we can help you for your recruiting needs worldwide!

– National leader : VietnamWorks 

Jobstreet Vietnam 

Viec Lam 24h 


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