How to recruit in Romania3 min read

Anne-Marie / February 16, 2017
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Caption: How to recruit in Romania3 min read

Since 2007 and its European Union integration, Romania has been attracting a considerable number of workers, especially from Europe but more and more from all around the world. These workers usually come from many different sectors of activity and often work for a foreign company.
In this blog post, we will try to give you more tips in order to help you decide whether you should recruit in Romania.


Ever since becoming part of the European Union, Romania has seen its economy growing faster. Even though the country entered the EU during the global crisis of 2008, over the last decade, Romania has seen its GDP increasing. Indeed, economists forecast for 2017 a 3.8% increase in the Romanian gross domestic product.

Bucharest is the economic and industrial centre of the country. The city produces the third of its total GDP, so most of the country’s income is created locally.Bucharest

However, the city of Pitesti, located in the South of the country but not too far from Bucharest, is as also an important economic and industrial centre, especially because of the car manufacturer Dacia, the Romanian subsidiary of the French brand Renault.

This transition to the market economy was promoted by the development of the private sector and thanks to the relocalisation of the big European companies’ subsidiaries.

Sectors hiring

In order to catch up with the other European countries, Romanian companies are hiring in practically all sectors. In fact, even though the sectors recruiting the most are agriculture, oil, hydroelectricity, mechanics or metallurgy, they look for foreign workers in tourism, in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, IT, in civil engineering and last but not least, in the construction industry.

Dacia Factory

For these particular sectors, they need particularly skilled workers, and that is why the Romanian companies always hire international workers. However, that does not mean there is a high percentage of unemployment. Indeed, the current unemployment rate is between 6 and 8 percent, a rate completely acceptable for a country still in development.

Visa and taxation

It is very easy to work in Romania, especially now that Romania is a European Union member. Workers from other member countries just need a valid resident permit and a valid ID. Other workers coming from countries outside the EU must have a work permit.Romanian Flag

Concerning taxes, if you live in Romania, you will have to pay the usual income tax. When it comes to social protection, you will also have to pay the employer’s contribution and for the workers, the social security contribution.

And finally, the Romanian minimum wage is around €260, but this is not the case when you work for the big foreign companies which usually pay their employees better.

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    1. Dear Sujan,
      Plese find more information on the posting of job adverts here:
      The Jobboard Finder team

  1. How to gain employment in Romania as and electrician in Domestic installation and maintenance work,or in enrggy provides sector as a lineman electrician

    1. Hi Franklin! Thanks for the comment. Have you tried the Romanian job boards we recommended? From the sounds of things, you probably want a classifieds job board (if you couldn’t find what you needed on the other ones), so I would recommend checking out It is the largest classifieds website in Romania and it currently has quite a few positions in electrical and mechanical installations.

  2. We are a company located outside the EU and we want to build a small team of software developers in Romania. Do we need to register a Romanian company for this (undesirable) or can we hire the employees directly? What kind of services (accountant etc) do we need in Romania to effect such employment?

    1. Dear Zeev,
      Thanks for your comment! I’ll put you in contact with one of our consultants who will give you the appropriate advice based on your recruitment needs. :)

    2. Hello
      We are company located in india and we provide jobs to skilled and unskilled workers in abroad. Can you please assist us to find direct recruitment agencies of romania for future business

      1. Hi Love, thanks for your comment! We don’t list recruitment agencies, only job boards. You can contact our team of consultants though if you would like their help in finding workers.

        1. Dear Madam
          Greetings of the Day!
          I am located in Dubai and I’m working and living here for the last 05 years. Can you please assist me to find a job in Romania?
          Please consider me.
          Thanks & Regards
          Shahjad Alam
          Dubai, UAE

  3. We are looking to recruit 10 to 15 construction workers for works in Ireland and Europe . How do I make contact with posable candidates

      1. Hi Ali,
        Our Danish construction company is now hiring staff, specifically persons with aualifications in laying gasbeton-slabs (typically 60cm x 40cm x 10cm), but also other qualifications.
        We have an existing team of Romanians, so we prefer further recruitment from there.
        Please revert asap, as we are looking for 10-15 guts right now, on longer term as employees in our firm.
        Thank you,
        Allan Leth.

      2. Hi,

        We are a Danish construction company, that urgently requires good bricklayers, that can
        erect “Gasbeton” blocks (60x40x10 cm).
        We are looking to employ around 10 people, if they have the qualifications.
        We have already a group of Romanian employees on the payroll, for which reason we wish
        to continue on this line.

    1. Hi sir/mam my name is paramjeet Singh from India I am a civil supervisor I have a 17+ years experience in the building construction & you have job ? Please contact with me my email address: ( )

      Your very thankful

      1. Dear Paramajeet. Where would you like to work? We don’t have job offers but we can help you find them on job boards from all over the world. ;)

    2. Please get in touch with us for your requirements of construction worker. We are a UK based recruitment agency. 07946091486

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    how can I get work permit and job in construction company Romania? please assist.

      1. Dear Sir,

        how can I get work permit and job in construction company Romania? please assist.

        1. NOW I AM IN can I get work permit and job in construction company Romania? please assist.

        2. Hi Khairul, thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, we don’t deal in work permits, our area of expertise is employment and job boards. From what I can see, your employer must apply for your work permit, so you will need to find a job before you can obtain one. Have you checked out our Romanian job boards?

  5. Hi madam…
    I am AJIN JOHN from india i had 2 years work experience as an accountant and now iam looking for a job in abroad can u assist me madam ?…

  6. Hi I’m looking to hire marketing professionals in Romania to work for my company in the uk how would I go about this?

    1. Hi Jake! Sorry for answering so late. The team has sent you an email to discuss your recruitment needs further.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I am Md Nasir from Bangladesh.

    How can I find a job in cleaning or Construction sector?
    If possible please give me any company or recruiting agency details address, phone or link.

    Thank you

      1. Hi Neill,

        I am not in romania. Now i am in Bangladesh. I need work permit to come romania. So need help any Company or Agency to get job and work permit.

        Thank you

  8. Hello,
    I contact you to find a better solution for our company.
    We plan to recruit Romanian workers +/- 5 or 6 or even more, not necessarily at the same time, in the domain of manicure and pedicure, beauty in Belgium.
    We can even consider setting up a company in Romania to hire staff and then send them to Belgium or proceed directly via a recruitment agency.
    However, I wish to know the procedures via your agency, fees, conditions …
    Thank you in advance

  9. Hi Neill,

    I am parvez,i have work experience in construction, electrical,metal,scaffolder skill in Singapore.I am not in romania. Now i am in Bangladesh. I need work permit to come romania. So need help any Company or Agency to get job and work permit.

    Thank you

  10. Hi Ali Neill,
    Our company Siri Advisory is a Financial consulting firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands which has helped companies from Asia & America to establish their companies in Europe.
    Currently we are looking for an Accountant for an International company in Bucharest, Romania.
    So would like to hire a fresher(Junior Accountant). Please do this needful.
    Please let us know if any one suits to our profile.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  11. Sorry there was a typing error on last comment

    Hi Ali
    How can I get work permit and job in construction or Hospitality or factory in Romania?
    Your help greatly appreciated


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    And awaiting your prompt response from your end, so we could plan the things accordingly.


    General Manager

  13. hi,

    We are a India based manpower recruitment company & would like to recruit the workers for the all sectors of Romania. Can you please confirm me that from where I can get the list of recruitment agencies or companies who are hiring the Indians.


  14. Hi,
    I’m architect from India with 9 year of experience in designing, coordination and execution of large large project in India as well as
    Can any one help me here with a good job.
    contact id –

      1. well right now i’m not using any job boards, i was reading this blog n found it good. so just posted my querry to know what is the right way and if anyone can help.

  15. Hi Ali,
    We own a man power company in Nepal. We are really interested in working with you because here we got many Nepalese workers want to work in Europe. Please cooperate with us. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

  16. Hi madam how are you ,i hope you are well in this pandemic situation,madam im rasel from Bangladesh ,i completed post graduation of department of management ,now im doing work in my country famous telecommunications company as enterprises relationship manager, now im interested to go Romania for job .. would you help me to find job over there, for your consideration i given my mail address
    Im waiting for your response

    1. Hi Rasel. Have you tried applying to some jobs on job boards? unfortunately, we don’t have any job offers within the company right now and we don’t send out CVs. Good luck!

  17. Hello Ali

    Im wondering if you could help me out, I’m looking at recruiting around 60-80 workers from Romania for the uk to work as Warehouse Operatives in the midlands. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to do so.

    Thanks In Advance


  18. Hi I’m currently living in the UK, but want to start a business in Romania to provide manpower/labor from overseas (Pakistan, Bangladesh etc).

    Can you please provide some guidance, if there is any demand for overseas workers and if yes what’s the process.

    Kind Regards

  19. Hi, could you help me with recruting and hiring Romanians workers (electitians and mechanics) for Europians projects.

  20. Dear Sir,
    I am RASEL MOLLA from Bangladesh.

    How can I find a painting job in Construction sector in romania?
    If possible please give me any company or recruiting agency details address, phone or link.

    Thank you

  21. hello,

    i am marketing manager at Zumbeel Manpower services in pakistan. we are basically a company who provides skilled and unskilled workers to the glob. kindly contact me if you need any assistance. my email id


  22. Assist me to get an employer who are recruiting from Bangladesh. I’m highly interested.
    Thank you .

  23. Hi,
    I am from india and want to work in construction sector in Romania. how can i find construction companies hiring Expats?
    i am not using any job boards so far
    Thank you in advance

  24. Hi, we have 2 x recruitment agencies in Romania and we are looking for finding cooperation projects from EU in order to grow our business (business owners who need skilled workforce or might like to open a branch in Romania). We offer the legal support and advise and also the sourcing part for the candidates. We recruit blue & white collars.
    Mihaela Dobirceanu

    1. Hi
      Please get in touch to discuss about options to set up a branch for my recruitment company in Romania.

  25. Hi Aly
    Please get in touch to discuss about staffing solutions for companies in Europe. I have candidates who are looking for work in manufacturing and warehouses.
    Please send me your email and contact number to discuss.
    Kind regards

  26. Hello,

    We are a domiciliary (home) care company in the UK and looking to hire overseas women to work here. We offer sponsorship for a 5 year visa. Can you please let me know if anyone can help. Must have full EU or equivalent driving licence.

  27. Hi,

    I run a recruitment company in the UK.
    We have hired a Romanian contractor to work on a project. He has a limited company and is providing a service, but will stay in Romania.

    Does my company need a license to operate with a Romanian contractor ?

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