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Anne-Marie / February 9, 2017
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This week we chose to focus on Chile in order to make people aware of the greatness of this country and to show why it can be quite attractive for both recruiters and job seekers. We will see the specific features of the Chilean labour market, the sectors that recruit the most and also the important information if you decide to recruit there.

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Why is it attractive ?

South American countries generally attract Americans but especially workers from Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish often leave Spain so as to live abroad and many come to Chile. One of the main factors of this exodus is the fact that Chileans speak Castellano Spanish, so this is the academic one. Unfortunately, very few Chileans speak English, so this can be a problem if you seek to recruit local job seekers for a foreign company. However, schools are looking for more and more English teachers in order to overcome this lack of English speakers.

The economy is in development, and it seems that Chile is one of the safest South American countries where you can negotiate. Indeed, there is not as much crime and corruption as in the other continental countries. There is political stability and the politicians in power have a very liberal point of view in terms of free market.

The most important city is Santiago de Chile. It is where financial negotiations and modern industry are concentrated. As the country side is more focused on the miner activity, all others activities are gathered in the capital. Over the last ten years, there has been an invasion of big multinationals such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Microsoft, Intel or also IBM.
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Leading sectors in job creation

The sectors employing the most are construction industry and mechanics. It is then followed by health, finance, information and communication and finally sales and marketing. You must not forget about the minor sector, which still employs in 2017 a lot of Chileans.Llama in Atacama

Far away from the capital, there is the Atacama Desert. It is attracting many scientists and astronomers from all around the world. It is best place where you can see space and the Milky Way. They work on the origins of human life, of the universe and this may be one of the best melting pot of all different people coming from many different countries.Atacama observatory

The salaries are depending on your level of qualification, just as in many other countries. Even though there are still underpaid miners, the minimum salary is around 193,000 pesos chilenos per month, which equals a €300 per month. But people with college degrees earn between €1480 and €4410 per month.

Visa and taxation

In order to work in Chile, employees must have a working visa, accompanied with a residence visa, and they will automatically get a RUT (Rol Único Tributario), that is to say an ID number. You must have a contract with a Chilean company that has its head office there.

The system of taxing is a liberal one and there are the common used taxes such as VAT, income tax or taxing on importations. Concerning health care, as long as you have a work permit, you will have the basic social protection.La moneda Chile

If you want to relocate your activity in Chile, the sectors of tourism and hospitality are offering many opportunities for foreign CEOs. Keep in mind that the country is looking for innovation just like the other emerging countries. You should then definitively invest in Chile, and come to this beautiful and amazing country, especially if you are working in the sectors of technology or food processing industry.

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