CV-Library survey suggests learning is key to retaining employees2 min read

Chloé Delolme / June 18, 2015
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Caption: CV-Library survey suggests learning is key to retaining employees2 min read

New is always better

As (legen….dary!) character Barney Stinson from U.S. TV show How I Met Your Mother would say, “New is always better”. Although the Bro Code is clearly debatable, this statement can – to some extent – apply to the workplace, and UK employees seem to be well aware of it.

Learning something new at work can both stimulate and motivate professionals to do their job. Eventually, it could make a difference as to whether or not they would want to stay in the company. At least, that is what CV-Library’s survey on over 2,300 people suggests with key findings about how training and development opportunities offered by employers would encourage UK workers to be loyal to their company.

Here are the results of the survey:

  • 90.5% of employees would be less likely to leave a company if it offered training
  • 93% admit to feeling more valued when an employer offers development opportunities
  • Over two thirds of professionals would take a lower salary in return for sponsorship of a recognized qualification from their employer
  • 70% would even fund their own learning if it meant landing their dream job
  • Social workers, medical and customer service professionals are the most satisfied employees with training and progression opportunities at work

Learning something new is refreshing and helps kill the daily routine. When your employer bets on your current and potential skills, it makes you feel more appreciated but also more accountable and indebted.

Although it seems clear that UK professionals are eager to learn and develop, the figures below show how dissatisfied they are with what is currently available to them:

  • 73.1% of UK workers are disappointed with the training opportunities available to them at work, with only 26.9% feeling satisfied
  • 87.8% believe training is essential to stay ahead of technology advancements and sector changes
  • 43.4% revealed that their employers do not provide basic training to enable this
  • 94.3% believe adult learning needs to be increased and improved
  • 93.6% feel the Government should be making further efforts to subsidize adult learning

So not only would the implementation of a comprehensive training and development program increase staff morale and job satisfaction, but also staff loyalty and retention. The news come in time for Adult Learners’ Week which is the biggest national celebration of lifelong learning in England. This year will be the 24th edition.

“Learning something new keeps people invigorated and engaged and this has never been truer than in the workplace. Providing staff with opportunities to develop and progress is massively beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Adult Learners’ Week is the perfect time to start considering changes”, summarizes Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.


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