SEEK challenges LinkedIn with new advanced talent search option1 min read

Chloé Delolme / June 16, 2015
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Caption: SEEK challenges LinkedIn with new advanced talent search option1 min read

Founded in 1997, SEEK is Australia and New Zealand’s number one job site and one of the largest job boards in Asia Pacific. With SEEK Commercial, SEEK Learning and SEEK Volunteer, the company is “not just a job board but an online talent marketplace whereby we are delivering the best search and matching experience to candidates and hirers” points out Chief Executive Andrew Bassat.

According to him, 24% of job seekers said they got their last job from SEEK. Now the company wants to address the other 76% with their newly released product that allows hirers to search SEEK’s growing talent database. “We are calling it the premium or uncoupled talent search” he explains.

Before launch of the tailored product, hirers could search SEEK’s profile database only linked to an advertisement. Now recruiters can access the premium talent search for an additional fee and ask candidates whether they would be interested in applying for a specific role. The database includes information such as where a person works and the kind of job they would consider.

Chief Executive Andrew Bassat says they have 5 million profiles in total on their platform with 150,000 added monthly and 3.6 million fully searchable with complete CVs attached. Tested by recruitment firms for 6 months, the offering is now being used by corporate and government clients. Andrew Bassat reports 100% sign up from the trial customers.

With their new premium placements strategy, SEEK attacks a different part of the market and hopes to challenge LinkedIn and deliver a double-digit boost to revenues. Previously focused on the job advert market, SEEK wants to offer an alternative to traditional job boards.

Author: Chloé Delolme

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