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shixxi - the portal for the most attractive jobs in the tourism, hotel and travel industry

What is shixxi?

shixxi is a job portal that specializes in the tourism and travel sectors. Here you will find the most attractive job offers for the tourism industry and the whole travel industry as well as for hotels. The jobs are systematized in a clear form by the tourism sector and stages of the tourist value-added chain, respectively. In other words, it is set up in the mindset of a tourism expert:

You can find job offers in the following categories or tourism sectors:

  1. Jobs in a travel agency - travel agencies
  2. Jobs at tour operators - tour operators
  3. Transport: Jobs at airlines, car rental services, railways, etc. - transportation
  4. Jobs on cruises - cruises
  5. Jobs in a hotel - hotel accommodation
  6. Jobs at incoming agencies - incoming agencies - destination organization
  7. Jobs at restaurants
  8. Jobs at trade shows / congresses / events and recreational facilities - fairs, conventions, events, recreational facilities
  9. Jobs in the e-commerce / touristic Internet company - e-commerce in the tourism industry
  10. Cross-sector jobs in the tourism cross-departmental functions - cross sectoral functions
  11. Jobs at other tourist facilities and businesses - other organizations - other companies
  12. Internships and training in tourism businesses and organizations - internships in the travel industry

Looking for a job in tourism can be so simple and clear. You don't have to individually search all the tourism companies' websites and job vacancies - one click on can lead you to your dream job in tourism - in your country or abroad.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion is a specialist job site in the tourism, hotel and travel industry. Even if the name sounds more Chinese than German, it is a well-designed job board where everything is clear on the website, and price is afforable. However the search engine is not very detailled and only keyword search is available. The website is avalaible in 3 languages such as German, English and Spanish, which is a plus for international jobseekers and recruiters. Even if the audience is not very high, can be sused as an additional job board for your recruitment in that industry.

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Media Partners

We work together with several Instituations and Universities for e.g. Tourism Management, Hospitality Management.

We work together wir several Industy and Trading Chambers (IHK=Industrie und Handelskammer) in Germany

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