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The service is designed for the Finnish labor market.Through us you will find the field as professionals. our visitors represent a comprehensive range of training and work backgrounds. The site also reaches those who are not actively looking for new jobs. Through us you can take advantage of the Sanoma Group's extensive network and choose the right target market appeal to online media. Also leaves the network, and combining proven to attract good job applicants.

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Summary: Oikotie (which means “shortcut”) is an interesting job board. In addition to their job board, they also have a property section (which is their most successful section), a vehicle section and a couple of others. The “About us” section is particularly elaborate but not very informative. That said, the website, which belongs to the most popular newspaper in the country, Helsingin Sanomat, is the 31st most visited website in Finland (with 4.21 million hits a month). Most of that is for housing though. They have 6 515 Twitter fans but their activity comes more from Facebook (even if the page hasn’t been updated for months). They have 37 065 followers on the employment page. There’s so much to learn from Oikotie, including the average salary in Finland (3313 euros a month) or the evolution of the labour market (but it’s all in Finnish, no English). Check it out!

Design: To help distinguish between their different pages, the work one is white and green. On the homeage, the backdrop is of a man and a woman shaking hands and the job listing is just below that. There are no filters, but you can use the search engine (industry, location and keywords) to filter the offers (keywords need to be in English) or sort them differently (by date, by position, by company – but that isn’t alphabetical). The large font and clear information (company brand, large job title, location, company name and publication date) make it particularly easy to browse through the list. The job offers are very professional and they have great branding. They can include photos and videos, as well as a pop-up box allowing jobseekers to send their details directly to the company. In the middle of the job list, they advertise the blog, competitions, events and comics, as well as at the bottom of the page. As a rule, the job offers include a description (which is usually rather detailed), the type of employment, the location and at least one large photo. The oldest offers are no more than 2 months old.

The job board objective: Clearly this job board wants to show you a shortcut to achieving your dreams and finding that perfect job.

Recruiter observations: The recruiter page has a chat support (you just click on the “for employers” section). You can create an account but you need a business ID. We would recommend calling them directly, or sending them your details for them to call you back.

Jobseeker observations: It’s so easy to create an account. Jobseekers can find sample CVs to download. When you apply to job offers, you are practically always redirected to the company website. If you aren’t sure what kind of salary to expect for your industry and/or your experience, Oikotie can help.  A more precise search can show you your pay based on your gender, location, sector (public/private), etc. They also have all kinds of (personality) tests and other statistics.

The job offers: there are currently 6144 job offers. Production has by far the most job offers, but there are also a lot in construction, sales and real-estate.

Reactivity: The “form” button for the website to contact you does not work. They respond very quickly on chat support though and you can send an e-mail or call.

Special features: the salary comparator; the comics (in Finnish unfortunately); the statistics; sample CVs; personality tests; language tests; other tests; salary information; top best paid and top worst paid professions.

Verdict: It’s a bit disappointing typing “teacher” and getting cleaning or hairdressing job offers. That aside, anyone recruiting in Finland should visit Oikotie, even if it is just for information about salaries and the labour market.

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