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No Fluff Jobs is an innovative IT job board with clear, standardized and comparable job advertisements. We are guided by three key principles of simplicity, transparency and effectiveness and the main goal for us is to introduce new standards into the world of IT recruitment. Our motto is: respect other's time and they will respect yours.

That is why came into life. We are saying NO to all fluff in IT job ads, NO to job descriptions without the salary range, NO to wasting time on badly run recruitment processes. At No Fluff Jobs every ad includes information on the salary range, technology stack, project methodology and available perks so a candidate has a clear view of the advertised vacancy even before scrolling down the page.

In short: we connect the best IT talent with tech companies who have nothing to hide... and we do it well!

Check out our main Job Categories:

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Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Before creating their IT niche job board, founders Magdalena Gawłowska-Bujok and Tomasz Bujok did a bit of research to find out exactly what IT jobseekers are looking for. In 2014, NoFluffJobs was born and became the only IT job board with a compulsory salary indicator in Poland; among other interesting features. Four years later, NoFluffJobs has 480 000 visitors per month, 26 000 Facebook followers, 2 620 Twitter followers, 1 409 Linkedin followers, and even the media giant Ringier Axel Springer Media wants a piece of the action (they bought 44% of the shares in July 2018). Furthermore, the job board sponsors Polish JUGs, hackathons, IT conferences and job fairs, so the adverts are also spread on forums and on social media.

Design: The logo is a target because they have a target audience. The colour scheme is mostly gray (similar to the Absolvent job board) and there are a lot of symbols. The idea behind the design is to look IT. You can either scroll though the list of job offers (each offer gives the publication date, the location, the company and the title, and the “+” lets you compare it to other jobs you select) or the list of companies (which may or may not have any openings). On the right-hand side, a map is available to help locate the jobs/companies. The jobs are broken down into different categories based on your IT skills, or you can use the search bar (keywords, category, location, salary). It’s refreshing to have standardised job posts with a very detailed “file” (including the essentials, the specs, the project, the job profile, the equipment supplied, technology used, requirements and various perks). Also, the next/previous buttons simplify the job search (and similar openings are suggested below).

The job board objective: Transparency, efficiency, simplicity. NoFluffJobs is all about getting straight to the point.

Recruiter observations: They have a long list of testimonials from IT people and recruiters. When posting a job offer, every part of the form includes a question mark to help understand the section. Also, the process steps are visible (create>preview>payment> preview). You need to include a lot information about the position (most importantly: the salary).

Jobseeker observations: You don’t need to create an account with NoFluffJobs to apply to jobs (either you are redirected to the website, or you can use a social media account or you fill out a form). To compare offers, click on the “+” and then the trolley; the website lines them up to see the differences more clearly. It’s very practical.

The job offers: Everything IT! However, if you are looking for entry-level or HR jobs, you might be disappointed.

Reactivity: They answered within a day with a lot of useful information. No need to call them.

Special features: The clear GDPR policy; the map option; The “NoFluffJobs” 2018 report (with graphs); the list of companies (hiring and not hiring); the compulsory salary information; the “NoFluffJob” Team; the merchandise; the blog (in Polish); the client list; the feedback window.

Verdict: NoFluffJobs is easy to use and very informative. It would be nice if they included the number of job offers on their website, but even without that, they know how to appeal to the IT professionals. However, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for or of what you can offer, then NoFluffJobs doesn’t want you.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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We are proud of our Blog ( Our posts are dedicated to developers and HR professionals. Their purpose is to help the recruitment process in the IT department. Moreover, we create infographics and reports about earnings in IT sector. 

Also, we run Social Media channels:

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Our marketing team promotes every job ad on dozen IT forums and our Social Media (Facebook and LinkedIn) channels. 

We promote ourselves on various IT Conferences and contests, often we are co-organisers. We take part in other IT events, like meet ups and hackatons - you can check it on our new site: 

Our company appears in local and specialist media.


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