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Site's statement

No Fluff Jobs is an innovative IT job board with clear, standardized and comparable job advertisements. We are guided by three key principles of simplicity, transparency and effectiveness and the main goal for us is to introduce new standards into the world of IT recruitment. Our motto is: respect other's time and they will respect yours.

It is common knowledge that IT recruitment is different than any other type of recruitment. It is a world of its own with far more job openings than job seekers where you have to convince people to work for you and make them happy so that they stay with you longer. Crazy as it may sound, in IT it is jobs looking for people not the other way round. A logical question arises: if IT recruitment is different, why IT job ads are not?

That is why came into life. We are saying NO to all fluff in IT job ads, NO to job descriptions without the salary range, NO to wasting time on badly run recruitment processes. At No Fluff Jobs every ad includes information on the salary range, technology stack, project methodology and available perks so a candidate has a clear view of the advertised vacancy even before scrolling down the page.

In short: we connect the best IT talent with tech companies who have nothing to hide... and we do it well!

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

NoFluffJobs is good job board for job seekers and recruiters in the IT sector:

  • The design of the site is modern and minimalist which is easy to navigate
  • However, there are too many offers on the homepage and we have to scroll a lot, and we can be lost
  • This site is only available in English but it might not be a problem for both type of users because it's for a sector that uses English a lot 
  • On the homepage there is a list of different types of job positions, this list is honestly very long
  • You can do a quick search according to city, postion, sector, salary and even software program
  • You can like and compare the different offers to see which one is the best for you, and which one you should apply to
  • The job postings don't have a clear date of publication on them but we can say that this job board is updated and recent
  • The job postings are really detailed and this is good in order to check if you have all the required skills

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

We are proud of our Blog ( Our posts are dedicated to developers and HR professionals. Their purpose is to help the recruitment process in the IT department. Also we run Social Media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. 

Our marketing team promotes every job ad on dozen IT forums and our Social Media (Facebook and LinkedIn) channels. 

We promote ourselves on various IT Conferences and contests, often we are co-organisers. We take part in other IT events, like meet ups and hackatons. Our company appears in local and specialist media.


Latest innovations

- game changing ad format tailored for the needs of software engineers

- job ad sharing system

- ability to log in with two clicks - no spam on email 

- ability to send the application with a single click

- comparable ads

- possibility to save sent application for future application

- suggesting similar announcements when displaying an ad and when applying

- the ability to instruct the person for the position




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