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Job Korea is an online recruitment website in South Korea that was founded in 1998. It is a subsidiary of the global group Monster Worldwide. Job Korea connects international firms with highly-qualified candidates and provides consumers with a range of tools to help them advance their lives.

JOBKOREA is the undisputed thought leader on recruiting trends in South Korea. JOBKOREA also has the highest brand awareness, preference, and top of mind metrics.

JOBKOREA also manages 8 vertical sites and 16 regional websites to target content to the most appropriate user segment. JOBKOREA maintains sites targeting the following categories: regular jobs, part time jobs, part time jobs, university students, head hunting, game developer jobs, education, and executives. 

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary:  Created in 1996, Jobkorea is the 4th most popular job site in Korea, making it a necessary stop for anyone recruiting in the area. This site has many pop-ups making it difficult to understand for any non-Korean users. It has a cute little speech bubble icon for it's logo. Despite lots of activity, it's easy to find all the relevant information, including top 100 companies, job offers, interview tips, top companies for salaries, etc. JobKorea is present on many different social media platforms: Naver (25 773), Facebook (455 141), Instagram (30 500) and Youtube (45 000). These pages surely help attract some of their 6.2 million visitors a month.

Design: Even if the homepage is secure, many of the other pages are not. It's a busy page, which is normal for Asian job boards. The search engine is just for keywords but it changes when you go to the job list page. On the homepage, you have a long page of job offers, with logos, in a grid form. In the job listing, you don't have logos, just the company, job title, type of education and the contract. If you open the job offer, you'll see a small logo but the layout remains basic. If you choose to filter your offers, you have the following choices:career, education, type of company, type of employment, salary. There are also some additional options: position, age, genre, industry, certificate, publication date, words to exclude, etc. These filters appear above the offers, instead of on the side. There is a brochure for recruiters, which includes statistics about their visitors and their traffic online. You can also see some of their top clients.

The job board objective: Helping jobseekers prepare for interviews and recruiters promote their competitive positions are the main focus for JobKorea.

Recruiter observations: By clicking on "Global Employer" at the bottom of the page, you can bring up a page with statistics and other information for recruiters in English. From there, you can download the brochure for job posting prices but you need to email the team to actually post anything. You can also opt for CV database access. You can post 4 job offers for free.

Jobseeker observations: As a jobseeker, you can create an account with Facebook, Google email, Naver or Kakao. You'll still need to add your area of interest and location and the site will also ask you to fill out a CV so this is somewhat tedious.

The job offers: It's not possible to find the exact number of job offers online. The job offers have deadlines.

Reactivity: The team answers really quickly!

Special features: The list of companies with the top salaries; spell check; interview advice; internships; the top 100 companies; Korean TV; cover letter information; the app and desktop display; certification of security (ISMS); the awards for the app.

Verdict: When using JobKorea, the overall impression is that it is a friendly and colourful site. Unfortunately, the pop-ups and lack of language options can make the site difficult to navigate for foreign users. If you want to use an app for your job search, you know you have a winner here.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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