Top 5 Job Boards for Disabled People4 min read

Anne-Marie / April 27, 2017
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Caption: Top 5 Job Boards for Disabled People4 min read

This week, we’ll be focusing on the top 5 job boards specialized in jobs for disabled people. It is true that on most generalist job boards, you can find offers for disabled workers. Having specialist job boards for disabled workers can even be considered as discriminating. However, sometimes it can be easier to find a job on these websites, that are run by associations not only for disabled persons, but also for senior workers. They usually offer other services to help the disabled getting hired. Offers for disabled workers can also be found on official government websites. You will find in this article the 5 best job boards for disabled workers. Please note that they are all national job boards.

1. disabledperson (United States)

disabledperson homepage

Disabledperson is the biggest job board for disabled workers in the United States. It gathers more than 160 000 job offers in almost all American states. The design is not all that modern, but it is still an efficient job board in the United States. Many big American companies like UPS, AT&T and even the CIA post on this job board. The category offering the most offers on this website is the management sector (there are currently 14 000 jobs). The job board also offers recruiters tips for recruiting employees with disabilities, as well as advice for jobseekers on how to write a resumes.

You can check out their profile on Jobboard Finder right here!

2. Disability Job Exchange (United States)

disability job exchange homepageAs a part of the America’s Job Exchange job board, Disability Job Exchange‘s main mission is to provide “jobs for everyone“. With more than 163 000 offer on the website, the job board is very active in the USA. The design of the website is very modern making it easy to navigate. The pricing is also very attractive for recruiters and, as it belongs to a group, your advert will be posted on many websites. They also help recruiters and jobseekers with ressources and tools, such as career advice, salary information, resume writing, etc.

Look at their profile on the Jobboard Finder!

3. Diversity Jobs (United Kingdom)

diversity jobs homepage

Diversity Jobs is a generalist job board covering the whole of the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, Australia, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. This job board isn’t just for disabled people. However, they offer many vacancies for people with disabilities. They only display jobs “from employers who understand the value of building a diverse workforce“. On the homepage, you can see featured jobs and the top sectors. There are currently 7 160 jobs on the website. You can also find a candidate blog and a lot of useful information for both jobseekers and recruiters.

Check out their profile on the Jobboard Finder!

4. (France)

hanploi homepage is one of the biggest French job boards dedicated to handicapped people. It was created in 2005 by a corporate network hoping to improve the professional integration of disabled workers. The job board also benefits from a lot of support from French local companies and associations like AGEFIPH, that help disabled people find work. Many huge companies like Total, IBM or SFR post jobs on this specialist job board. The design of the site is modern and you enjoy navigating on it. There are currently around 7 000 job offers, and the website also offers advice for both job seekers and recruiters.

You can find their profile on the Jobboard Finder right here.

5. (France) homepage

Another French specialist job board for people with disabilities is It currently offers 867 jobs. The job board was the first to publish posts specifically for disabled workers and has more than twenty-five years of experience. They also offer services for handicapped people, news on the labour market as well as many useful tips to help disabled people when they want to travel or if they need legal advice. The website is really simple to use and very efficient in France.

Check out its profile on th Jobboard Finder!

Companies can also invest in services, to ensure their handicapped workers can participate in activities, without feeling like outsiders. For instance, in France, Tadeo offers assistance to deaf workers, who can follow interviews and conferences by simply calling the service and having a vocal writer transcribe the audio into text. Amazing!

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 Job Boards for Disabled People4 min read

  1. Thank you for sharing the above list! It really helped me for one of my friend. It is such a great initiative you are taking without any discrimination among all!

    1. Dear Nikhil,
      Thank you for your comment and for reading the blog. We are so glad you liked the post and found it helpful!
      Have a great day!

    1. Hi Pankaj! Are you disabled and looking for work? Have you checked out the job boards mentioned in our article? If you would like more advice, feel free to send us an e-mail with more information! Good luck :)

        1. Hi Pankaj! Have you tried putting your CV on job boards? What are you looking for? Are you looking to work in India, or are you disabled? Feel free to send us an e-mail. :)

          1. I am age 47 i am handicap cum peralysis person i am resident in india, Delhi

  2. Hi, I am deaf, I speak EN and BG language very well, I live in Paris and I would like to have an idea for work according my limitation with the hearing possibilities. I rely only on visual communication, I have also my own car here. Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello all,\I am 47 yrs male candidate., I am a locomotordisability candidate. For my lively hood i need a joib. Kindly cooperatewitrh me.
    My contact no: 9776788562

    With regards,
    Subhakant Nayak

    1. Hi Subhakant ! Have you tried looking at some of the job offers on the various job sites we have in our database? I’m sure you’ll find something that corresponds to your specific skill set. Good luck!

  4. Hi Ali,

    This is such a brilliant and helpful article. I am looking to explore job boards across Europe that are focused on accessibility and hiring people with disability. Do you know of any other job boards across Europe similar to France that tap into this often neglected demographic?

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