How to Recruit in the Ukraine3 min read

Maria / December 8, 2016
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Caption: How to Recruit in the Ukraine3 min read

It has been a tough few years for the Ukrainian job market and for the working population. To make things worse for the Ukraine following years of political trouble and economic crisis, the unemployment rate is now rising. Here at the Jobboard Finder, we want to explain further what the characteristics and specific customs of the Ukrainian market, so we have compiled this short explanation.

Trouble started in 2014 with the Ukrainian revolution spurred on by the seizing and annexing of Crimea by Russia which was preceded by the ousting and depowering of Ukraine’s pro-Russian president. Due to this political instability, the Ukrainian economy was hit hard: sharp reductions in the country’s GDP (as Russia had been Ukraine’s number 1 export and import partner) and an increase in unemployment to match. To tally this equally negative situation the Ukraine is facing, is the national debt that has been accumulated over the course of the past decades. This country now has more debt with the IMF than Greece and is now trying to combat this by instigating a strategy of hyper-austerity. Part of the strategy includes cutting spending on reducing unemployment and disability insurance so it goes as no surprise that the level of people without a job is 10.3%.

Professional life in the Ukraine is very similar to other Eastern European countries; 25 paid holiday days a year (which can surprisingly be negotiated to 30 days), 1 month resignation warning after a trial period of 3 months and an average salary of $200/$300 per month. The working language can depend on which area of the Ukraine you are in and which company you are working for. For example in the West, Russian is spoken a lot, whereas Ukrainian is the national business language. English is expected in the international companies. There is a large population of professionals in the human resources sector and it is a thriving industry in Ukraine; HR managers, recruiters and head hunter positions are available throughout the country. The country also does very well with computer programmers and the IT/tech business.

Sadly a large proportion of the international companies that were doing business and had offices in the Ukraine have now left the country and escaped the draining market. However there are still a few foreign companies working in Ukraine and looking for English speaking candidates, but it is advisable to know a good level of Ukrainian to be able to set up a life and get by on a day to day basis. A side effect of the austerity includes high taxes and because of this a high number of workers do not have official contracts and some receive an official low wage and also cash in hand.


Jobboard Finder’s top job boards in Ukraine:

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45 thoughts on “How to Recruit in the Ukraine3 min read

  1. We are more than 15 years trading korean product in Ukraine
    Now we would like try korean truck sales in Ukraine
    If we hire sales manager much salary available ?
    Must be English language need

    Also we need part time account

    Please advice for us

  2. Hi! We would like to Come in contact with ukrainians that would like to work with strawberry picking and other farm jobs in Sweden for june and july. We will arrange for accomodation(house). Can you advise?

    1. Dear Per-Olof Nilsson, Thanks for your message! The Ukraine is my country of the week, so you’ve picked the right place! I’ll send you an e-mail to discuss your recruitment requirements. :)

      1. Hi Neill
        I have vegetable growing farm in south of Sweden.
        For next season, that begins in May, I need staff to work with the vegetables.
        To receive legal paper that may take 5 months.
        We give free accommodation(room, kitchen, toilet with shower.)
        We work 40 to 50 hoers every week.
        We prefer couple, he and she, age 18 to 40.
        Can you help me, or send me to someone that can help me to recruit.

  3. Hello dear Sir or Madam, I have tried to post job on those sites, however they all rejected me, as our Company is not registered in Ukraine. However, we would like to hire people from Ukraine. If you can help, I will be very appreciated.
    Thank you

  4. We need 2 or 3 people to assist us in foreign trade doing email and phone sales to other foreign clients outside of China. We are an international trading co. based in China.

  5. Hi,

    We need 1 female receptionist and 1 male car detailer/polisher. We are based on UAE.

  6. Hello,

    We are an entertainment company based in Sharm El Shiekh – Egypt and are looking for entertainment staff between ages of 18-26 to come and join our team. It will be for entertainment staff based inside 5 star hotel with accommodation and salary plus sales commission.

    Please could you advise us how we can advertise in Ukraine and find new staff.

    Many Thanks

  7. Hi,

    We need to hire some Staff for our new Office for Prop trading Job in Forex and Foreign Equity …

    our Requirement is Just Understand English

  8. Hello

    We are looking to hire Coffee Barista from Ukraine to work in middle east. can you help us to find what we are looking for

    Thanks and looking forward to hear from you

  9. Hi
    I am looking for at least 5 tree planters to work in the Scottish Highlands. Must have at least 1 good English speaker preferably able to drive in the UK. Will sort out accommodation. 40 to 50 hours a week at £8.50 an hour with basic wage and bonus for extra trees planted. Is this something you can help with?
    Kind regards

  10. Hello, 
    I am looking for the services of a personal secretary who could manage my daily schedule of meetings and necessary secretarial duties. I shall pay good salary, accommodation, transportation, company paid foreign trips, visas, paid annual vacation & travel tickets along with fringe benefits.This position is for my factory which is in Karachi, Pakistan. 
    I shall take care of her visa and all legal requirements. Please provide me the resume of along with the pictures of the interested candidates who could relocate for 3 years from Romania to Pakistan. Awaiting to hear from you.
    Thank you & best regards,, 


    For: M/s. MAXCO pvt Limited, Karachi, Pakistan & Verona, Italy.

        1. Hi Achala, unfortunately, we don’t actually do visas at the jobboard finder but we can help find more job offers. Just check out the list of job boards and you’ll see that there is way more out there than you realise.

  11. Hi,
    we are interested to hire people for our hotels in Crete (Greece). We have different positions available f.e. chambermaids, waitrer/waitress, bartender, hotel animators. Is possible to advice us how to advertise our vacancies or help us to find employees? Thank you for your answer in advance.
    Best regards,

  12. Hi Ali,
    we are a company in Canada and we already have 4 remote staff in Kiev.
    In the past we have used other recruiting services but happy to chat and learn more what your company offers.
    We are looking for telephone sales people with excellent English.

  13. Hi Ali,

    We are a smaller company in Sweden that buys houses renovating these and renting them out.

    We would like to try to hire A well documented worker from Ukraine for a new project we have purchased and will be renovating.

    We expect the project to take about 3-6 months. Starting September or October

    The work includes knowledge is required in
    Float Putty
    Ceramic Tile
    Sealing layer for bathroom
    And a little carpentry

    Driving license as well as understanding and speaking English is a requirement

    How much does a worker cost per month or per hour to hire ?

    Sincerely, Kenth Nilsson

  14. Hello dear all we need some peoples for some items for our Canadian based projects of different industrial and manufacturing contracts only those peoples contact who are living in Ukraine . Handsome package will be paid to them.

  15. Hi Ali

    We are a Machinery manufacturing company in Ireland, I am looking for experienced Metal Fabricators and Welders for our factory in Ireland. Good English language is essential, accomodation can be arranged. Let me know how you can help please.

    Yours Sincerely
    Eamonn Nolan

  16. Hello, we are an online game company located in the Philippines. We are hiring 21-26-year-old female croupiers to be responsible for online croupier work. It is expected to recruit 200 people. Could you please tell us how to advertise in Ukraine and recruit candidates person?
    thank you very much.

  17. hi, please put the right person to talk to me, i want to hire the people in ukraine, my whatsapp/viber 0086 18856989385

  18. Hello Ali,

    We require experienced welder/fabricators that can read drawings.

    If you can send me more information it would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

  19. Greetings from maldives
    Looking for a Russian Speaking guest relation officer to work in a 5* resort in Maldives.

  20. Hello, My name is Arthur. I live in Dnepr, Ukraine. Fluent in English. Age 40. I have 15 years of work experience. Mainly in purchasing (import/export). If any company is looking for representation on Ukrainian market or is just looking for employees with excellent (fluent) english skills. Please feel free to contact me. Through this site or directly (

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