How to Recruit in Hungary3 min read

Anne-Marie / March 9, 2017
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Caption: How to Recruit in Hungary3 min read

Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe and its place in the European Union (since 2004), Hungary has become an attractive country for both jobseekers are recruiters. If you are willing to work and develop your activity abroad, Hungary is the way to go. Over the last ten years, many multinationals have popped up in Hungary, which has put the highly educated workforce at their disposal. In this article, we have summarized all you need to know about the Hungarian labour market for those thinking about starting a recruitment campaign in the country.

The Hungarian labour market

With unemployment is currently affecting 11% of the population which is fit to work, it is true that Hungarian companies systematically try to hire Hungarian citizens. This is especially because of the latest tasks and laws imposed by the government.Bridge in Budapest

However, many international companies do have branches in Hungary, and they can definitively hire international workers. Local workers are often more skilled than the foreign ones though. To give you some examples, many French international companies have offices in Hungary, like EDF, GDF-Suez or the pharmaceutical group Sanofi. Other international companies over there include Audi, BP (British Petroleum), IBM, Nokia, or the consultants Tata.

Most jobs are in the biggest cities, like the capital (Budapest). Cities like Debrecen (East), Miskolc (North-East) and also Szeged (South) are also full of job opportunities.

Hiring Sectors

There are many sectors looking for all types of workers, with varying degrees and skills. The automobile, IT, HR consulting, teaching (especially English teachers), sales and marketing, communication or energy sectors are always recruiting. Positons in sales, administration, mechanics or lorry driving are very much in demand in the country.

As mentioned before, the Hungarian workforce is also highly educated. This is partially due to the quality of the Hungarian scientific education/courses. Many international start-ups are looking for talented partners in Hungary to create diverse international teams.

Work contracts, salaries and bonuses

In Hungary, contracts have to include the salary, the positon and the job missions, as well as where the activity is located. Sometimes, it is considered rather binding, and this favours part-time contracts and temporary work.Budapest

When it comes to the salary, the Hungarian minimum wage is 92 000 HUF, which is the equivalent of 311 euros. The average gross monthly salary is around 219 000 HUF, representing 741 euros. Foreign companies offer more. Their wages vary depending on the size of the company and its location and activity.

Finally, companies in Hungary often offer benefits to their employees. The benefits range from insurance for retirement, to company cars for excecutives, or meal tickets. Nevertheless, according to some workers, these benefits aren’t offered quite that often.


Village in Hungary

As Hungary is a member of the European Union, foreign workers from the EU do not need a working visa. They often come with a European mobility program. However, non-European foreign workers are entitled to a working permit, which is not hard to get.

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  1. Hi Anne-Marie,

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    I have a client who wishes to advertise a job for someone already living in Hungary. The job is in the grocery sector (food & drink). Could you recommend the best newspapers / magazines / websites that Hungarian residents would use when job-hunting?

    Also, if there are any magazine specially focused on the food & drink sector it would be good to know about these.

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  2. Hello, I have recently opened a company in Budapest. I need to hire a person that can sell cheese and ham to restaurants. Also deliver and that speaks either english or Italian. There will be an official hire and an interview with me. Regards, Mark +3614526128

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