Building a strong brand: Corporate culture5 min read

Cara Moore / August 29, 2017
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Caption: Building a strong brand: Corporate culture5 min read

Having a strong company culture is essential in today’s day and age. It’s what distinguishes you from your competitors, what makes your brand stand out to customers and what makes your employees love working for you. In recruiter’s terms, it lets you locate candidates who will be the best possible personality fit with your current employees in order to ensure office cohesion. For consumers, it’s what allows your customers to form a real connection with your brand.

Marketing consultancy brand Frogdog defines corporate culture as “the attitudes, values, and beliefs that guide the company and influence how its employees behave”. That is, your ideals as exemplified and embodied by your staff and your company as a whole.

In short, it’s your company’s unique selling point for your workers, and it’s important to get it right.


You, too, can have great company culture

The thing about company culture is that it is organic and comes about naturally in the way that you run your business. The things you really believe in will shine through; be it open and comfortable office spaces or a commitment to sustainability.

It is also very dependent on your employees. Some companies recruit specifically looking for candidates who will be a great fit with their company culture. Employees will also bring their own ideas and values of what they deem to be important in a great workplace. If you want to make your office a happier and more cohesive place, listen and consider taking their suggestions on board. Leaders should also embody their corporate culture in their work and out-of-work lives, reflecting the integrity of their brand.

To find out what a company’s culture is like and whether you’d be a good match, read their website’s ‘About Us’ section. This should tell you a lot about what a corporation prioritises and values, and explain to you a little better why and how they do what they do.


Why is company culture important?

Your company culture is unique and has a great impact on how your employees relate to your business and your mission in three particular ways.

1. Employee retention

It’s widely known that these days people aren’t staying in jobs for as long as they used to. However, it can be very expensive to hire someone new. Employees are an investment you want to get right. HR Review suggests that hiring just one new employee can rack up expenses of up to £30,000, including the costs of recruitment, and the interviewing and training processes. As a result, it’s in a company’s interests to retain the great employees they have for as long as possible. By having a strong culture that your employees identify with and feel a real part of, you will encourage them to stay with you for longer.

2. Employee happiness

You want your employees to be excited to come into work in the morning to get the job done, not dreading the day ahead. The office, a place where they spend the majority of their waking hours, should have an atmosphere they feel happy and relaxed in. Making work all work, no play is not therefore the way forward. Instead, encouraging co-worker friendships and bonding exercises for the team can be indispensable. Happier employees are much more likely to stay with your company and work harder.

This leads into…

3. Employee productivity

Simply put, happier employees work harder and better. They will want to put in the hours for a company they truly believe in, which matches and reflects their own personal values and beliefs. If they identify with the mission you are striving to achieve, they will want to put in hard work and effort to help you get there.


Examples of companies with great culture:


Unsurprisingly, Google employees report that their company culture and working conditions is fantastic. Enjoying numerous perks, financial bonuses and ergonomic workspaces allows for the widespread satisfaction, comfort and general happiness of staff.


Similarly, Twitter staff do well out of their company. As well as also benefitting from several workplace perks, at Twitter there seems to be a real focus on the fact that workers are doing good work that has a visible real-life impact, which makes employees proud to work for this social media giant.


This online shoe retailer focuses on only hiring people who are a good fit with its brand from the beginning, even making it is a key part of their recruitment process. They have a real focus on everyone taking responsibility for the brand, which manifests in the fact that all employees, even managers, are expected to take call-centre shifts at busy times.

Southwest Airlines

With a real focus on having fun while you work, this company is said to have excellent employee treatment. They run fun initiatives such as a fashion show in the sky, and their staff testify being pleased to work for this reputable and friendly airline.

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