20 Reasons Why Recruiting Is an Exciting Job6 min read

Ali Neill / June 17, 2019
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Caption: 20 Reasons Why Recruiting Is an Exciting Job6 min read

According to the information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, there were over 547K people employed as human resources specialists in 2016. The job outlook is positive; average growth of 7% is expected from 2016 to 2026. Within human resources, you have recruiting, which is a particuarly exciting job.

When you think about human resources, interviews are the first idea that comes to mind. You think about the resume you had to buy from Best Essays, and all those tips you go through before the interview.

For the HR professional, it’s not just about resumes and interviews. It’s about recruiting the best people for the open positions. It’s about contributing towards the organization’s growth.

20 Reasons why recruiters love their jobs

1. There’s a learning curve, but success is based on talent

You’re either good or not good enough, and you’ll know that after a little time spent in an HR department.

A good recruiter has a convincing, caring, and detail-oriented personality. That’s what this job requires, and that’s what you need to enjoy it.

2. Recruiters are close to management

Even the coldest and most distant managers have time for the recruiters in their companies or recruiting for their companies. The recruiter enjoys respect at all managerial levels. This a powerful position, in which you play a major role concerning the future of the employees.

3. It’s exciting

Have you seen “Friends with Benefits”? An attractive recruiter does everything in her power to convince an impressive candidate to sign on with her client. That’s what successful recruiters must do: present the organization as an energetic, thriving place, leaving the candidate no other option but to accept. They communicate with interesting people on a daily basis.

There’s always more to do, more to inspire, and more to negotiate.

4. Recruiting is a flexible job

According to the info provided by Statista, 72% of recruiters see work flexibility as an important trend in their industry. For personalities that are open-minded and non-rigid, flexible jobs are the best. In order to adapt to clients and candidates, it makes sense to offer recruiters more flexibility.

5. If you’re good, you’ll make progress

Even if you start small as part of the HR department at a startup that offers best dissertation help to students, you’ll have great career prospects with that job. Imagine working for Google or Ikea!

6. You’ll use great technology

Organizations care about meeting a recruiter’s needs, since the recruiter helps them grow. You’ll use technology to search for new candidates and analyze data about the ones you consider. In recruitment, we’re constantly hearing about chatbots, rewriting tools, time scheduling technology, etc. It’s an exciting time to be a recruiter because the field has never been so innovative.

7. Job ads aren’t too demanding

With very little experience, you can start searching for jobs in HR department and gain training. If you do well, you’ll make progress within the organization and soon you’ll be able to target larger companies.

8. You make companies better

A recruiter assembles a team. They won’t necessarily hire the most qualified individuals. They will hire employees who have great potential to be successful in a team. That’s what makes companies great. By improving the staff, you’re improving the company.

9. Recruiters never stop learning

You’ll never stop researching the industry and the job market if recruiting is your job. As generations change in the workforce, so do the needs of the candidates you target.

You’ll keep learning and experimenting with techniques, so your job won’t get boring.

10. It’s a rewarding job

According to PayScale, the average salary of a recruiter is $49,102 per year. That might not be very impressive, but recruiters get great bonuses. After all, rewards are not only monetary. Hiring someone special, training them, and supporting them through adaptation and growth make for highly rewarding experiences.

11. You know how HR works, so you’ll do well at job hunting

How will you get into a huge corporations? Simple: you’re part of the HR industry so you know how it works. You know what those recruiters are looking for, so you’ll make yourself look like an irresistible candidate.

Many job hunters browse through DoMyWriting reviews to find a professional for resume writing or ask Google for help; not recruiters though. They know how to go through the job hunting process.

12. You can change industries

If you get bored by the job at a technology startup, you can shift industries while staying on the same career path. For example, you can go for the medical industry. All organizations need recruiters.

13. You develop skills you can transfer to another career

Recruiters make great marketers, too. If, by any chance, you want a change in your life, you’ll easily apply your skills in marketing.

14. Recruiters have a huge network of contacts

Making LinkedIn connections is part of a recruiter’s job. They also attend conferences and connect with people in “real life.” With a good grasp of LinkedIn, you aren’t going to add meaningless connections to your profile. It’s all about making the right connections and recruiters do that effortlessly.

15. There’s a lot of freedom in decision making

In most cases, the managers give full responsibility for hiring decisions to the recruiter. They may influence or make the final call for managerial positions. However, most of the time, the recruiter is free to decide by their own judgment.

16. There’s a lot of competition going on

Recruiting is about hunting for the best people in the industry and presenting the company as the best place to work. The recruiters from other companies are doing the same thing, so this competitive spirit can become really fun.

17. Each job task is different than the other

Whenever you deal with an open position, you face a different category of candidates. You also focus on the growth of individuals within the company. Since everyone is different, you’ll develop unique career growth plans for the hires.

18. You influence people’s lives

As a recruiter, you give people opportunities to thrive within the corporate setting. That’s a great role to have!

19. You meet the most talented people in the industry

Recruiting opens opportunities to reach outstanding people in the organization’s industry. That’s a highly rewarding aspect to this job. Furthermore, it gives the job a wow factor.

20. You make an impact

The players recruited by a sports team determine the success of the season. The same thing happens when you recruit members of any professional team. Your decisions make a huge impact.

 Recruiting is a great career for ambitious people

Your career prospects as a recruiter depend on your location. In China and in the United States, for example, the job markets are saturated and recruiters play a huge role in them. In Kenya, the recruitment industry isn’t as developed. The employees there also need more guidance, so there is a need for more recruiters but it isn’t as competitive as some other countries.

You’ll need to research the opportunities in your countries, so check out the job boards in the Jobboard Finder database. On a global level, the job outlook is generally positive.

Now that you know why recruiting is an exciting job, don’t you want to give it a go?

We would like to thank Justin Osborne for this contribution. Justin is a writer at best essay writing service, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at best essay writing service australia and lab report writer.

Author: Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website’s social media pages.

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