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Site's statement is a generalist UK Job Board offering a unique approach to online job advertising. Abandoning the requirement to pre-purchase single job advertising credits, Recruiters all over the UK are now able to pay only in line with what's delivered to each advert in line with the following model:

PPA (Pay Per Application) - Pay for each application that's delivered, and be covered on the occasion that a certain role or location underdelivers. 

AppReveal - Pay only for relevant applications; review the CV for the applicant before deciding whether or not to 'Reveal' the contact details!

Explore a new era of job advertising today.


Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Select Jobs is a UK job board;

  • The design of the site is very attractive and clear to use
  • On the homepage you can see a list of popular job offers, jobs by category, and jobs by location
  • There is also a list of companies that use this site to hire 
  • Also a blog page is linked to the site with advice and help for job seekers 
  • You can do a general search or even an advanced search and then narrow the results down with filters
  • Including county, city, employment type, company name, and industry
  • On the job offers, there is a clear date of publication so we can safely day that these offers are recently updated 

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Select Jobs offers a strong online presence through partnering with a number of affiliate sites, offering mulitple articles surrounding Career Advice, CV Optimisation and Graduate jobseeking strategies.

Latest innovations

Our fresh, clean and usable platform launched in March 2016 and offers an uncluttered platform for Jobseekers to search for and apply to vacancies. Our Pay-Per-Application model is a unique opportunity for Recruiters that may not have seen success with the traditional Pre-Pay or PPC models currently established in the market. 

With free trials, total freedom of use and ongoing help and support there's every reason to take a look. 

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Select Jobs not only offers you exposure on our unique site but your advert will be distributed to a range of sites within our parter network - offering heightened exposure and still only paying for what's delivered. With an audience of 10+ active monthly users, job advert coverage online should no longer be a problem for you.

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