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Ny Teknik has over 40 years experience of helping Swedish companies to recruit technicians and engineers. We have almost 20 years behind us as IT specialists. Companies such as Scania, ABB, Ericsson, Sweco, Volvo and Sandvik make regular use of Ny Teknik Recruitment services when recruiting and promoting their employment brands to potential, current and former employees. Are you looking for a qualified technician, engineer or IT specialist with excellent skills? Then it’s time to turn to Ny Teknik Jobb. We also have a strong presence with technical graduates and help more than a thousand companies annually to recruit the right person for the right job.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Ny Teknik Jobb is one of the best websites for all kind of jobs in Engineering, Vehicles, Construction, Sales or IT in Sweden. Job seekers can quickly filter their search by sector and location 

There is no need to register on Nyteknik to apply for a position.

An English version of the website would be a plus for international jobseekers willing to work in Sweden.

The website is filled with content and many articlesA magazine is also published, where recruiters also have the possibility of publishing print job offers.

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Marketing activities

All web+ listings are exposed at - the leading technology newspaper on- and offline in Sweden. Listings are also available in print in the newspaper. Press Releases Newsletter Social Media.

Ny Teknik Jobb is the leading specialist job board for recruiting and reaching highly educated engineers, technicians, IT- specialists and managers in the technology sector. Tightly associated with the leading technology newspaper Ny Teknik, the job board attract a large amount of passive jobseekers who find the recruitment ads on or through subscribing to our popular services is E-mail Alerts and editorial newsletters. is Sweden’s leading news site covering technological development within IT, telecoms, energy, environment, automation, aviation and all things driving industry and our society forward. Daily, rapid news from all over the world is complemented with substantial coverage.

Latest innovations

All digital placement ad can now embedd video and/or a customized image to increase candidate conversion and build the employer brand. All at no extra cost for the recruiting company. Efforts have also been made to simplify teh application process for potential canidates.

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