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Expresso is a weekly portuguese newspaper of the media Group Impresa. It features several supplements, covering general news, business, sports, international news, entertainment, society, recruitment and real estate classified supplements, as well as having a website on the Internet.

With a circulation of over 100,000 and a readership of around 600,000, Expresso is the leading weekly newspaper in Portugal. It is particularly known for its editorial independence and its probing political reporting, making it a newspaper of reference. The job section of Expresso is one of the most popular way to find a job in Portugal.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Expresso Emprego is a generalist job board offering access to posts and training courses in Portugal. It also has a few international offers (in Angola, Morocco and Germany)

Looking for jobs is easy thanks to a straightforward search engine. Candidates can do a quick search by keyword and location. Other filters can be added: publication date, type of contract, years of experience, qualifications and sector. 

Applications can be sent by opening an account on Expresso Emprego or via Facebook/Google+

Offers on the search results page only show the publication date, the name of the company and a brief decription of the post. Most offers do not display the logo of the employer but once they click on the offer

  • The blog is filled with content and articles on the latest news on the job market and career advise
  • The design of the website is modern and interactive. However, there are some advert banners that can hinder the job search.
  • Featured and latest jobs and companies recruiting are displayed on the homepage 
  • It is only available in Portuguese

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Expresso is one of the most popular newspaper in Portugal.


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