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Expresso is a weekly portuguese newspaper of the media Group Impresa. It features several supplements, covering general news, business, sports, international news, entertainment, society, recruitment and real estate classified supplements, as well as having a website on the Internet.

With a circulation of over 100,000 and a readership of around 600,000, Expresso is the leading weekly newspaper in Portugal. It is particularly known for its editorial independence and its probing political reporting, making it a newspaper of reference. The job section of Expresso is one of the most popular way to find a job in Portugal.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Expresso Emprego is a job board in Portugal;

  • The job board is only available in Portuguese which is not great for international users
  • The homepage is interactive and welcoming
  • There is a featured job offers section and a recently published job offer section
  • There is also advice and support for users as well as a news blog
  • To search you can do a general search and then use the filters; sector, type of contract, area, experience; and recently published

Portugal recruitment market status

Job market is highly dependent on Tourism and the service sector but employment is high. Informal methods of recruitment like word of mouth and networking with small and medium sized companies can give you a better push. The job market here is recovering from economic downturn and there are still high levels of unemployment in the graduate sector. Unemployment levels are relatively high and economy is very slow moving. Job opportunities are scarce. 

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Expresso is one of the most popular newspaper in Portugal.

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