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Site's statement Tanzania's #1 job site connecting qualified job seekers with employers. Read our blog for employment tips and check out our great tools for job-seekers. Do you want to post a job in Dar Es Salaam ? Be part of our clients like, SAGCOT, Coca-Cola, Ramco Group or PCCI. Join our CV database and discover many career Advice on

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: BrighterMondays was created in 2006 by Carey Eaton, who brought insight from having worked at SEEK to Kenya in the hopes of improving the online access to jobs. He also worked on other successful websites like Cheki and One Africa Media. Sadly, he passed away from gunshot wounds in 2014. Today, BrighterMonday forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media, which acquired the generalist job board in 2017. It is present in all of Eastern Africa and the Tansanian version attracts 192 040 views a month, making it the 47th most visited website in the country. On social media, there are 986 followers on Twitter, 6 605 on LinkedIn, 18 600 on Instagram and 70 214 on Facebook.

Design: The search engine (job function, industry, location) appears at the top of the page (slightly higher than it used to be) with top jobs just underneath. There are no logos but the information is clear. You can also access the job listing through the suggested job functions or choose your employer among the top employers at the bottom of the page. Once in the listing, filters are on the right-hand side (which you can also use when on company pages). The filters are job function, industry, location, work type and sorting (default or date). Some job offers are listed as “featured”. The publication date is visible in the listing. Logos are also visible for the offers, which have them. An open job offer has a job summary and job description (which usually includes requirements and responsibilities).

The job board objective: BrighterMondays was created at a time when Eastern Africa truly needed better access to online jobs. It aims to improve the job search and recruitment in the country.

Recruiter observations: It’s easy to create an account but a location phone number is required. You then can access the dashboard and the job post prices. You cannot view your job offers before posting.

Jobseeker observations: It’s easy to sign up, but a valid phone number is required, as well as some work experience, your nationality and your location in Africa. You must sign in to apply to job offers.

The job offers: 276 job offers are no the website. Most of the jobs are in NGO, government and construction.

Reactivity: The contact information is in the banner ad rates PDF. You can contact the team on Facebook. They answer within 24 hours.

Special features: The user statistics (including gender, age, educational level, the device usage and more); the CV services for jobseekers; the safe job hunting advice; the whitepaper on millennials; the blog (in different categories).

Verdict: BrighterMondays is easy-to-use for both recruiters and jobseekers. Since the location and phone number are required, users are clearly expected to be in Africa (especially jobseekers). As far as job boards goes, this one is simple and efficient, with special features mostly for self-improvement.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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