The Future of the CV3 min read

Anne-Marie / February 28, 2017
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Caption: The Future of the CV3 min read

Are CVs still useful in today’s job market? Do recruiters still need them to recruit or is it bound to disappear? Do job seekers still need to spend that much time on their resume or are there new means to display their professional career? In this article, we will see that even though the traditional CV is not about to totally disappear yet, it is currently being transformed into something more digital.

Adapting to the new ways of recruiting

Digital resume

Even if it is true that the CV is not that old-school yet, it is still subjected to the transition to the digital era, which seems to be unavoidable in all sectors. This can be explained by the modifications made to recruitment ways. Nowadays, recruiters are not only looking for ordinary workers, but also for special personalities and for talents, who are more than what they write down on their resume.Recruiters are now exploring on social networks, on all platforms like LinkedIn, or Twitter as well, in order to learn more about the character and the personality of their soon-to-be co-worker. Keep in mind that a CV gathers all the information of what we achieved professionally and does not necessarily show who we really are.

Recruitment on social networks and new technologies

Social networks are therefore the digital CV. For example, some recruiters have already recruited on Twitter, by asking people to send them their Twitter account link, instead of their CV. Other ask for their LinkedIn account link, or a link to their personal blogs, especially in the sector of digital communication for instance. There is also Facebook’s brand new feature that we talked about last week, Facebook Job, which will now allow job seekers to directly apply for a job on a Facebook statute and talking with them on Messenger. You could also register on websites dedicated to a certain sector of activity and save our profile on it, in order to be seen by recruiters of our branch.

CV on iPad

Furthermore, new technologies developed by the well-known Textkernel allow recruiters to stop calculating the amount of time their candidate spent in a company, for a given position. This allow them to save their precious time because this tool analyses semantically the resumes, so recruiters have a quick synthesis of the candidate’s profile. According to ExclusiveRH, you can now have the possibility to test your candidates first before asking them their CVs.

The traditional paper resume still remains a safe bet

Nevertheless, paper is not that doomed to failure. Recruiters automatically ask for a digital profile, with data provided and verified by the candidate. It is then not a disappearance but rather an evolution.
Because recruiters still require this CV, this sheet of paper that summarizes almost everything. Recruiting professionals will always have your resume in their hands, just for interviews for instance, even if they received it in digital version. Paper CV
Then this is only a change of format, a change of name, you could add more information, or less. So lovers of paper CVs, don’t worry, it has not disappeared yet.

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  1. thanks for sharing valuable information it is still subjected to the transition to the digital era, which seems to be unavoidable in all sectors. This can be explained by the modifications made to recruitment ways.

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