Supply Chain Informer launches dedicated Procurement and Supply Chain site2 min read

Kelly Desormes / December 23, 2014
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Supply Chain Informer- go-to site for supply chain and procurement careers
Caption: Supply Chain Informer launches dedicated Procurement and Supply Chain site2 min read

The launch of Supply Chain Informer follows months of carefully planned development work in creating a site that provides a unique platform to deliver supply chain and procurement news content and careers related information to help develop and promote the profession.

Supply Chain Informer has been founded by Jon-Paul Hilton and Bianca Clifton to deliver timely news content and unique careers content providing an opportunity for employers and candidates to engage and interact in new ways.Of the newly launched site, co-founder Jon-Paul Hilton said “this portal has been created with two clear aims. The first is to address the needs of the supply chain and procurement profession in having a one-stop source of news content specifically geared towards the ANZ and Asiapac region. The second objective was to provide a platform for employers to really promote their employment brands specifically within supply chain and procurement. This is through client mini-sites that can include information such as interviews and Q&As with employees on what makes their department a great place to work, embedded Youtube videos, related social media content and links to career sites and other sources of useful information.”

Hilton founded, a dedicated supply chain and procurement career site for Australia and New Zealand in March 2013 and saw a common frustration for candidates when attempting to identify best choice employers: “Supply Chain Informer provides employers with a gateway to the profession, through which they are able to promote a wide variety of careers related content. This could be the promotion of a specific vacancy to the site visitors, newsletter readership and passive social media audiences, it may take the form of broadcasting a significant recruitment campaign within a specific department, or telling the profession about a key appointment.”

Bianca Clifton believes the success of the site is based upon the ability to tailor communication solutions to suit any type of client: “We actively encourage clients to promote their supply chain and procurement functions and the Supply Chain Informer site is designed to offer every type of client the opportunity to tell the profession about exciting developments within these departments”.

“In terms of finding events near you that offer networking opportunities or even client webinars accessible on-line, we also have an integrated calendar where you can search for events by location and easily identify those that are held at no-cost to the attendee.”

“Our aim is to be the go-to site for supply chain and procurement careers related content and to provide candidates with unique insights into employers of choice which should equip them to make the right career choices”.

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