How to Revamp Your Hiring Process for High-Tech Talent3 min read

Amanda Wilks / July 12, 2016
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Caption: How to Revamp Your Hiring Process for High-Tech Talent3 min read

Reaching the best people in your field first is essential to the success of any business. While there may be many people looking for job openings in any given domain, the best ones are always in short supply. Getting to them first is a matter of speed and efficiency, but it also takes a keen eye to spot the best prospective employees.


Know The Recruitment Process Well

Any attempt to streamline a process must be based on good understanding of what that process presupposes. Advice is only useful it applies to your situation. Look carefully at all the stages involved in the hiring process and make changes accordingly. Be sure to keep in touch with the latest trends in recruitment, as this can offer you some insight into the things you should be looking at.

Use Social Media and Word-of-Mouth

When you’re looking to attract real talent, these methods might not work, because they might not be looking on these websites. Instead, target them in more direct ways, through referrals, or by networking. You should be able to create a pleasant work environment for them even before they’re hired. Showing you’re interested, and you appreciate their expertize will help make them feel comfortable even before they know the offer. If you are using job postings on online recruitment sites, make sure they are clear, and provide as much information as possible.


Be Straightforward

First impressions count a lot when you’re trying to hire the best professionals in your field. It’s quite likely that they already have several offers on hold, so you have to prove to them that this position is worth their time. Make your job description as accurate as possible, but don’t embellish it with unnecessary, eye-catching details. This is probably not the first time they’ve heard the speech, and they’re not going to fall for it. Honesty goes a long way to building trust, and trust is essential in any business relationship.

Make Sure You Are a Match

Talent is just one part of the equation. An unhappy employee, no matter how talented, will be less productive if they are feeling at ease in their environment. Make sure your prospective new employee is going to fit in. A good idea is to be clear about what you’re offering, and what your expectations are. This also shows a degree of respect for your candidate, but it can also give them a chance to assess the situation for themselves. If you are being straightforward with them, chances are they too will be clear about their abilities, and what they want from their new job. Personality tests can also be extremely useful in the recruitment process.

Take Risks

Recruitment is a very delicate process. It makes sense to avoid candidates that don’t really seem to fit. But, if you have a good feeling about someone, you should take the risk. Being the first to reach new talents also means you have to be the first to spot them. A brilliant young candidate can be a great asset, since, not only are you hiring a gifted employee, but you also get the chance to allow them to grow within your own company. Relatively inexperienced employees are also likely going to be more enthusiastic about proving themselves. They might be able to bring about the innovation you were looking for in the first place.

Finding the most skilled candidates first should be a priority for any company. Your business is only as good as employees. Uncovering hidden talent can be a great way to ensure that yours are the best there are.

Author: Amanda Wilks

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