Top 4 Tips to Find a Part-Time Job as Student4 min read

Fabien / October 8, 2019
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Caption: Top 4 Tips to Find a Part-Time Job as Student4 min read

Being a student is not easy at all –many responsibilities are coming your way once you’ve moved into your personal dorm room; in the end, it’s like starting a new life away from you. You not only have to learn how to behave and react to external factors that might intrigue you, but you should also learn how to take life more seriously. Moving away for college is something necessary for your growth – if you were never put in this situation, you wouldn’t have learned how to deal with more challenging situations.

You are here because you need part time jobs – am I correct? Extra pocket money doesn’t show up in your wallet; you must work for it if you want to afford parties, junk food (from time to time), or going shopping with your friends. I hope this article will help you get a gist of how the part-time job market looks for college students and will help you understand the necessary skills you must possess to enter it. Here are four useful tips.

1. Use Online Database for Searching

Another way to look up a good job is by searching online databases such as FlexJobs. All you must do is enter the criteria you are looking for and press ‘enter.’ Then, the online search begins. These platforms make your job search so much easier! On these websites, you can find remote jobs (whether full or part time), freelance jobs, and even on-site jobs with flexible schedules, perfect for college students! Also, check out Fiverr and Upwork, you can find some pretty cool options there too.

2. Do Not Hesitate to Offer Up Your Services

Your college campus is the perfect opportunity to show your skills or hidden talents! If you like brewing coffee (or would like to learn), here is your chance to do it. I am sure that the on-campus coffee shop will be more than happy to consider your application.

If, however, you succeed in academics and would like to help other students out, you could always apply for a part time job in tutoring. They pay really well! This is a good opportunity to revise and review what you’ve already learned while making other students’ academic lives easier. You could also try signing up for cheap dissertation writing by Edubirdie and check how they pay. There are options (especially for smart people), you just have to look for them!

3. Prepare a Simple Resume

As a college student with little on-job experience, writing a resume can be tough; that’s why the secret is to keep it simple. You should have an “About Me” section at the top of the page, your contact information, education accomplishments, best skills, and won awards. Next, include a section on the relevant experience that you have – here, you can add your internship and/or any other things you’ve accomplished during college. If you have an on-campus job, make sure you insert that too, as it is a relevant skill to show.

4. Prepare Well for The Interview

Last but not least, preparing for your interview is an essential part of the process. Even if it’s considered a job for teens, you should make sure that you are well prepared when you show up. You never know what the future might offer you (maybe a full-time post-graduation job? Just saying). Here are some quick tips that will help you get prepared:

  • First, analyze the job that you are applying for. Find out the details. Make sure it fits your character and overall needs. Check the work environment beforehand (if you can) by “stalking” your prospective colleagues on social media. You must make sure it fits your style. Look them up on LinkedIn!
  • Research the company until you are able ask the right questions when interviewing. At the end, they will ask if you have any additional questions – you must say yes!
  • Practice interviewing with one of your friends or family members.
  • Prepare your clothes well in advance to avoid coming in late. Decide what to do with your hair one beforehand too.
  • Listen well to what you are being told
  • Act natural, don’t force yourself to be someone you are not.
  • Follow up with a thank-you note – always!


Being a full-time student and a part-time worker can be tough, but with the right attitude, I am sure that you can do it! Before applying for your favorite jobs, make sure you build up a powerful resume and practice your interview skills as much as you can. Don’t forget to check the online databases for even more options. Good luck!

Joshua Robinson is a content writer, blogger, and street artist. His travels throughout the world have encouraged students to look for adventures and take on risks. Joshua’s number one passion is opening up a writing academy company specialized in helping college students succeed.

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