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A free service for Armenian companies and potential candidates. Launched in October 2016 with over 400 active users and and 150 companies within the first month making the quickest growing startup in Armenia.

Easy to use and direct communication with companies and candidates. Direct upload of CV's to companies makes us number 1.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion Job Finder is a job board in Armenia:

  • The site is available in Armenian, Russian and English which is great for international users
  • The design of the site is attractive and simple
  • On the homepage, you can do a quick search by selecting from a list of job categories 
  • You can also do a general search and then narrow down the results by using the filters provided: keyword, category, and location
  • Then you can also sort the results by date publsihed, title, popularity and featured
  • It is difficult to see when the ads were published as there is no date shown with them, so we do not know if they are regularly updated 
  • When you click on a job ad you can see how many views it has received, which is very useful for users to know.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities has been running ads on facebook and adwords to bring to community to one spot for finding a job in Armenia. With the growth of interest this shows us that there is a huge potential for companies and candidates within Armenia

Latest innovations

We have launched a new website is the best looking and easiest job search website in Armenia. We have compacted searches and segregated job candidate signups from company signups to bring a better user interface for each client of ours.

Newly built and launched android and iOS application made by us to the google playstore and apple's app store. Easly search, list jobs and update account information from the palm of your hand.

An innovative messaging system is inbuilt into the website so candidates and companies can liase with eachother. Candidates can submit CV's directly within the job listing to the company. 

Companies may view user CV's within potential candidate profiles. Nothing like this has ever been introduced into the Armenian market until now.

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