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Urban Hire is everything you need to simplify job search and hiring, all in one place. Job seekers find jobs from many job boards and employers reach candidates efficiently by posting to multiple channels at once.

We’re proud that we’ve built a cool product that allows companies to inspire and make their culture visible. We don’t believe in boring and transactional job posts when sourcing tech-savvy millennials. We dreamt of powerful, yet easy-to-use, software that hands back control to the companies and allow sharing jobs everywhere from a single account. We make filtering candidates as intuitive as the social networks, and give tools to deploy pre/post application assessments. Urbanhire empowers teamwork in finding the right talents.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

UrbanHire is a useful and efficient Indonesian job board

  • The site is visually very pleasing, with an attractive and interactive home page and design
  • Very easy to use and requires only minimal information for quick profile creation
  • The site is available in both Indonesian and English
  • You can search by categories including creative and engineering sectors; there are relevant results for a wide range of industries
  • As a recruiter, you can have a 15-day free trial to test-run the site’s features before moving on to a payment plan that suits you
  • Regularly updated job offers ensure only relevant, high-quality results

Indonesia recruitment market status

High level of unemployment and strict laws limiting the hiring of internationals that mean the job sector is not as prosperous as it its neighbouring countries.

Finding top talent in Indonesia is hard, and many young professionals migrate to nearby countries that offer more opportunities and better environment to develop professionally.

That is why much of Indonesian hiring is based on referrals of personal connections; recruiters looking on job sites will not receive large numbers of quality applicants

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Yossie Erawan  - Jobseeker  - 1 review
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Yossie Erawan comment :

Urbanhire is really a solution when I'm looking for a job. Because I amazed how can there be more than 50,000 jobs in one platform? The on boarding process may be kind of taking your time, but totally it's worth the time. Because once I completely fill all the field, I never have to fill it again when I'm applying for a job. You should try!
Rated on 05-03-2018

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