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Site's statement has the largest CV Database throughout the region, with more than 1,000,000 CVs.

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Summary: Tecoloco, created in 2001, used to belong to the SaonGroup. Since 2013, it has been a part of Axel Springer. The headquarters are in San Salvador so it’s no wonder that it is the country with the most job offers. It is, however, also present in a number of other Latin American countries (its presence is irrelevant in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica). The visibility and the job offers are relatively proportional. In El Salvador, it attracts about 146 230 views a month; in Nicaragua, it attracts 140 670 views, 92 690 in Gutemala and 60 010 in Honduras. The “About Us” section could use some updating since it still resembles the other Saongroup job board structures and does not mention Axel Springer. As far as social media is concerned, Tecoloco has 39 358 Linkedin followers, 7 702 on Twitter and 86 446 on Facebook.

Design: When you open the homepage, you’re greeted with a dominantly green page and an outdated layout. The font is particularly small and all the information in the footer is crushed together. Parts of the website haven’t been updated for years and others malfunction slightly. On the main website, the number of job offers per country are visible, and the number of jobs per category are also visible in the filters (location and sector). The search engine in five parts (location, sector, position, company name and keywords) also malfunctions (the “position” is useless). You can look up the companies in a given industry in the company directory, and the branding is surprisingly good. The job listing indicates the expiry date for each offer and the offers all include a section for a description, the sector, the number of vacancies, the job title, the type of contract, the salary, the experience, the age, whether a vehicle is required and the country. Tecoloco also suggests similar jobs. The photos of models that pop up all over the screen is a bit annoying.

The job board objective: Looks can be deceiving because Tecoloco is one of the leading job boards in Latin America. It makes job application easy!

Recruiter observations: Recruiters can create an account without too much trouble. On the dashboard, there is a salary calculator to help recruiters offer appropriate salaries. Before you can post anything, the team needs to authorize the account.

Jobseeker observations: When you create an account, they ask your nationality and your current location, if you have a car and if you have a driver’s license. You need an account to apply to job offers, but not a CV. With the click of a button, your application is sent.

The job offers: Services, sales, food jobs and banking are the most popular sectors. El Salvador and Guatemala have the most job offers by far. There are 3 632 job offers on Tecoloco.

Reactivity: A box with icons and “contact us” appears empty on one of the “for employers” pages. Contact e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers for each country are in the “contact us” section.

Special features: The blog (no updates since 2014); the app; the salary form (for recruiters).

Verdict: The layout is outdated and some parts of the website malfunction. That said, it’s easy to apply to job offers and there aren’t as many restrictions as there are on other Latin American job boards.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Job Fairs throughout the region. Sponsorship of Trade Shows such as IMPULSA in El Salvador. Sponsorship of Business Seminars such as MUJER Y LIDERAZGO in El Salvador. Various online and offline campaigns promoting Tecoloco Initiatives, as well as generic campaigns. Social Media campaigns etc.

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