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Site's statement

RecruitEngineers is the only niche job portal that specializes in advertising roles in engineering sector from industry’s biggest brands. Starting all the latest opening for Sales & Marketing Engineering, Design Engineering, Erection & commissioning, purchase & logistics, QA/QC , Operation & Maintenance and more, you can find all on RecruitEngineers today.

On top of that, we have our own blog, Latest Industry News, Career Clinic and Employer Zone too.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

RecruitEngineers is an Indian job board focussing on the engineering sector:

  • The design of the site is clear but not very attractive
  • On the homepage there is a quick search section where you can choose from feautured employers, latest job offers and job areas
  • There is also a section for guidance and helping job seekers
  •  There is a career clinic page that is specially designed to help job seekers with their application
  • Creating an account is not as straightforward as possible as you cannot link your social network site.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Why should you choose Recruit Engineers to advertise your engineering vacancy? Take a look below about the our key features of our portal.

RecruitEngineers is the leading job board for engineering vacancies and is the perfect place to advertise your latest vacancies.

We have the best database of engineering industry and we include that for you absolutely free of cost. Our standard package includes more than any other job portal, ensuring you get the best ROI possible.

In addition, we also have an extensive range of additional services and branding options which can be combined to create the perfect bespoke package for your advertising needs.

As standard, we provide full account management and support for every client. We provide a tailored solution, integrated into your existing processes and designed to meet your exact requirements.

Job Advert Refresh

Throughout your listing, we'll manually refresh your job advert every 7 days to ensure it retains a high level of visibility with our digital job seekers. This refresh means your job advert will appear at the top of all relevant searches, helping to increase visibility and applications.

Featured employer listing

Increase your organization’s exposure on Recruit Engineers. Your company logo is listed for 56 days in the “Featured Employers” area, on rotation, across the Recruit Engineers website. Your Logo also links to your company profile page on Recruit Engineers.


Employer Zone

Our Employer Zone provided you will all necessary information about sample job advert, job description and all the latest news of the engineering industry.

Career Clinic

Our Career Clinic has been designed to teach people about the different careers available in the engineering sector. Its audience consists of students, graduates, school leavers and career advisors.

We provide all the features of our website absolutely free of cost for 56 days, to support your recruitment solutions. If you are looking little more in depth, we can create and integrate that into our existing process to meet your exact requirements, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

Not yet, but we will soon go for commercial partnerships very soon. 

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