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Site's statement brings together people and suitable job offerings. Thanks to customized solutions and the most progressive technology worldwide, Monster finds better candidates for the right job – in the web, through mobile apps and strong partner sites, and also through social networks. Monster offers competent, personal consulting on the basis of an innovative range of products and services just as unique as the needs of customers.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: In the world of job boards, Monster is, well, a monster of a job board. As some of you might know, Monster was sold to Randstad, a huge international staffing company, in 2016, which did not help the job site regain its leading position as hoped unfortunately. Instead, Monster continues to struggle to maintain its prestigious reputation. That said, the Czech does a decent job of attracting jobseekers and recruiters alike. It gets as many as 172 540 views a month and 9 945 followers on Facebook. There are no followers on Instagram, Twitter and only 63 on Youtube for a handful of videos. The nice thing is that the website has an English and Czech version.

Design: On the homepage, you’re greeted with the familiar purple monster behind the search engine (keywords and the location). There is also a list of industries and one of locations (which can also be found in the Quick Search). At the bottom of the page, you also have lists of the popular location, popular categories and popular companies. Relatively anonymous testimonials also scroll across the bottom of the page. A plus on this Monster is that you don’t need a keyword to start browsing. Useful information like the company name, the job title, the publication date and the location (no logo) are visible in the job listing. As for the pages, some are more customized than others. If you want cull the job offers, you can use the filters (the country, sorting by relevance or by date, the company, the hours, the location, the job title). Finally, there is also a “multilingual jobs” section, so that means jobs that require English.

The job board objective: Monster aims to dominate the job market worldwide. With their extensive expertise, the team hope to match the right candidates and employers.

Recruiter observations: Since the Czech Republic doesn’t use a lot of social media (other than Facebook and Seznam), we don’t recommend the social media package. Furthermore, to set up an account or create an advert, you need to set up your billing out first.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to job offers, an account or an e-mail address are required, even if you are redirected.

The job offers: According to the website, there are over 5 000 job offers (but you can’t click on the last page of the search). On Monster, there’s a little bit of everything.

Reactivity: When you contact the website, the page is not secure. That said, the team answers quickly and they are helpful.

Special features: The testimonials; salary calculator (the same one as Prace); the CV template; the articles (no dates); the Youtube videos.

Verdict: Monster is popular in a number of countries and works better in some than others. Despite some of  the flaws on the Czech Monster, the team answers quickly and it attracts a large audience. It's definitely worth checking if you're a jobseeker, and it can be useful for recruiters too.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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