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The presentation of Monkey tie could have started by this: Monkey tie offers high quality services and innovative technologies creating a marketplace for talents and companies to meet, in order to build the world of today and tomorrow. Because human capital is the most valuable investment for a company, Monkey tie puts the candidate back in the center of the recruitment process

But actually, we prefer to tell you our true story ...

It all started with your average person looking for a job. As it happens. Already, you are thinking "Gosh, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes". But wait, the best part is coming up... This normal person is simply looking for a company that would fit him, at least a bit. In order to grow and to feel comfortable. And now your thinking "What a nit-picker, finding a job would already be a start, the rest can come later".

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Monkey Tie is a job board in France;

  • The website is available in English and French which is great for international clients
  • The homepage is very attractive but not very clear, it is difficult to know where to go and what to click on to view the job offers
  • On the homepage there is a lot of interactive information and you can see the popular employers that use Monkey tie
  • When you finally find the list of job offers, there is no option to filter the search - probably because the number of job offers is very limited and small
  • There is a lot of help for both recruiters and job seekers available on this site, it just needs to be displayed better

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