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Site's statement is the largest Slovenian job portal, which provides direct contact between employers and job seekers since 2004. The portal has more unique visitors than all the competition combined (in one month we reach about 1/3 of active slovenian population). secured its status as the most credible job portal in Slovenia with many other activities in the labor market: largest HR conferences, the largest career event in Slovenia, job fair Moje delo, and other high-profile projects such as the national Survey of Employer Brand Reputation.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary:  Slovenia has experienced some big changes in recent years. It only gained its independence in 1991 and joined the EU in 2004. Since then, the country has seen great developments and now can boast an efficient workforce. As the leading job board in Slovenia, MojeDelo is the best place to start when recruiting Slovenes, and it’s been around since the Slovenes joined the EU. Currently, the website receives 634 060 visits a month, making it the 75th most active website in the country (which is an improvement from a few years ago). In social media, it has 103 564 followers on Facebook, 3 539 followers on Twitter (nothing new since 2019) and 15 046 on Linkedin.

Design: The homepage displays the search engine (industry and location - which doesn't allow you to add your own keywords) at the top of the page. If you have an account, offers that match your credentials show up just below the search engine. There is a long list of featured jobs (with the company logos), followed by a selection of companies (include one, which has been the chosen winner for its reputation). Jobseekers are encouraged to upload their CV so that MojeDelo can do the hard work of looking for a job for them. Once in the listing, there are a few extra filters (education, type of employment type of hours, type of work, category). The publication date, location and company name are visible for each offer. Oddly enough, they also indicate if the offer is open to both genders (even though discrimination based on gender is illegal).  The large images for each offer make for great branding! The featured job offers in the listing are bigger than the other ones (with a logo and a photo). When you open a job offer, the website shows you job offers other candidates viewed in addition to that one. It’s a bit of a shame that pop-ups appear in the job listing, and that the entire profile needs to be completed to apply to job offers. At least jobseekers have access to very attractive and informative company pages.

The job board objective: MojeDelo (which means “my work”) aims to transform Slovenia. It’s come a long way and will continue to improve the labour market by connecting candidates and recruiters.

Recruiter observations: It’s easy to find the right information with the “for employers” button at the top of the page. It’s easy to create an account too (even if a tax file number is required), but the team has to validate the account before you can truly use it. As you build you advert, the process is laid-out step by step and you can even see exactly what the advert will look like on the website. Legally, the job offers need to be in Slovenian.

Jobseeker observations: When you register, MojeDelo tries to trick you into creating a job alert. If you do want to activate the compatibility search, you have to fill in more forms about your job search (including the salary you want and your availabilities). To apply to job offers, your profile needs to be complete. 

The job offers: There are more than 3000 job offers, including about 140 student jobs. Since it’s the biggest job board in Slovenia, we would assume it can offer a variety of job offers. Unfortunately, the limited filters makes it difficult to have a clear idea of the popular categories. A vast majority of the jobs are for full time positions.

Reactivity: The team is friendly and reactive. They answered our e-mail within minutes.

Special features: The CV reminder; the built-in video interview option; questionnaire option; the job fairs (and the dedicated site); the good reputation companies; the blog (with odd category headings); the compatibility rating; the testimonials (all from women); the number of employees and the job board sales revenue.

Verdict: It could be a good idea for MojeDelo to invest in a Resume Parser because the forms are particularly long (despite having all the necessary information in a CV). That said, the website has good visibility and interesting articles. It also does the matching for the jobseeker (without giving them the option of culling job offers themselves with filters). We're still waiting on some more language options!

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

"Campaigns and projects for strenghtening leading position on the market: mostly online. Organisation of HR conferences for our partners (at least two). In the fall we will again organize job fair - the only national job fair in Slovenia."

Aggregators &
Media Partners

We have strong media partnerships with print and online media. The most important national print media partner is Žurnal24 (plus a lot of local newspapers: Dolenjski List, Gorenjski Glas, Primorske novice...). Most visited of online media partners is (on top of that we have about 30 online media partners).


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