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One of the Top 3 largest jobsites in Norway, 100% dedicated to jobs and careers. provides a full-service, focused on relevant candidates, thinking like recruiters rather than like internet-ad sellers.

The most complete overview of jobs in Norway means two main things for you if you are looking for a job in Norway. Firstly, it gives you a unique opportunity to display your competences and job criteria to potential employers. And secondly, it gives you just as unique a possibility to look for a job. Jobbsafari gives you access to more than 14,000 job ads and 4.200 CVs on a daily basis and is thus considered to be the largest job market in Norway.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Summary: Jobbsafari is a part of the Danish company Jobindex founded in 1996, which also owns Computeworld, StepStone and IT Job Bank. Jobbsafari also exists in Sweden (2009) and Greenland. For six years now, the Norwegian job board has been connecting employers and candidates in a vast range of fields. Not as popular in Norway as it is in some of the other Nordic countries, the website activity has dropped recently to 371 240 visits per month. Jobbsafari is only partially translated, but it can recognize English words, which means you can still do a keyword search. It seems to be proud of its Newsletter with a huge emphasis on signing up for it. To find out more about Jobbsafari, you need to be a recruiter (the “about us” is on the dashboard) or check out the Jobindex website for a detailed history of the main job board. It offers a wide range of very interesting tools for both recruiters and jobseekers.

Design: The dominant orange colour and the adverts for their own company (in the “advert of the week” and “video for the week” spaces, which companies can pay to use) make you think, “Safari”. The search engine (keywords and location, or the publication date, company and profession for advanced searches) is above a list of industries (the job offers per industry in brackets). The rest of the homepage has blog article titles and “for job seekers” section (present on Jobindex too). When you click on an industry at the top of the page, you are redirected to the same page with different more specific categories, until your search has been refined enough. They even give you the number of similar jobs on their partner websites. The filters include the publication date, location and industry. To view the search, you can see it in a graph form or on a map. Each job offer indicates the job title, the company and the publication date. Once opened, the job description fills up most of the page, with some additional information on the side (contact details, the salary, the hours, the employer, how to apply, source). Similar jobs are underneath. For a website with graphs and maps, you could expect a logo, some photos or more colour. You can report a job offer error (if the position has been filled, a link does not work, it is not a job offer) and there is a job offer deadline. You can save a job offer or you can follow it. In the company listing section, the companies are listed in alphabetical order and in each section, the ones with the most job offers are above the others.

The job board objective: Jobbsafari uses many different tools to make the search for a job (or an employee) more accurate.

Recruiter observations: On the website, two different packages are available (other options and add-on are also available). The dashboard is split up into four parts (your name and company, your adverts, information about the CV database, the newsletter and a contact box) and you can browse the CV database for free (you only pay if you hire someone).  The only thing you cannot see on the CVs is the photo and the name (unless they include it in their text). You can even put tags and comments on CVs.

Jobseeker observations: The jobseeker dashboard is in six parts (your name and photo, the companies you follow, your CV, job advice, your job alerts and the newsletter) and you need to fill out a form, which creates your CV. Many tools and tests are available (the “how happy am I at work” questionnaire – which states that the Swedish are 73% satisfied with their work environment, the personality test). You can receive texts for job alerts.

The job offers: There are currently 14 000 jobs and 5 645 CVs in their database. Teaching and social services have the most job offers, along with “other” which has over 1 400 openings.

Reactivity: You can call, be called or e-mail. They answer within a few hours.

Special features: Clear GPDR information; advice on working in the Nordic countries; Text Machine (which helps you write a cover letter, but you won’t be able to use the tool properly except in Norwegian. You can use it for advice though); the blog (in Norwegian); the personality test; the happy at work questionnaire.

Verdict: The website is easy to use and the different tools are very interesting. The layout could be improved and it’s a shame to see so many jobs in “other” but all-round, Jobbsafari is definitely worth checking out.

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Mark Leto  - Recruiter  - 4 reviews
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Mark Leto comment :

Thanks to Jobboardfinder, I have posted o this job board and found my IT candidate. Great job board tho
Rated on 14-02-2018

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