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Buscojobs Uruguay is one of the member of Buscojobs Network in Latin America. Several recruiters in Urugauy have already posted their job offers like LIJTMAER, Systems-x, SEG Ingenieria, Alto control and CNT Uruguay.

Are you a job seekers looking for jobs in Uruguay ? Find your perfect job among hundreds of job offers like Senior Sales Executive, receptionist, Accountant, Web developer, architect's assistant, commercial analyst and many others.

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Summary: Buscojobs is an aggregator job board created in 2007 in Uruguay before spreading to the rest of South America as well as Portugal, Spain and the United States. You can advertise in English but most of the offers are in Spanish and none of their job page portals are available in English. Buscojobs’ activity in Uruguay is 307 440 visits per month (which has remained stable for years!) and it is ranked the 174th most visited website in the country. They now have some social media on the site and they have followers on Linkedin (26 510) and Facebook (43 406) for all the different portals. On Twitter, Buscojobs Uruguay has 8 229 followers. There are also some 852 followers on YouTube and a bunch of videos.

Design: Each portal (for each country) has a different backdrop to represent the location. In the middle of the page is a search bar in two parts (keyword and location). Underneath, jobseekers are encouraged to put their CV on the website with a list of job offers in a list below that (newly posted, accessible, remote, first jobs). The filters are region, department, sector, date and other.  In the list of jobs, the job title is emphasized and on the job page, the information included varies (so some offers are very long, some short). The possible sections are the salary, the zone, the required experience, the gender and the hours. Information about the company (location, sector, openings, logo) is available on the right-hand side, with very little emphasis on the employer (some companies don't even disclose their name).

The job board objective: Buscojobs wants to make finding the right candidate (and the right profession) easier for the South American countries.

Recruiter observations: For pricing information, you can e-mail (not call) the website, and to register, you need a fiscal ID number (215520200013 if you aren’t in South America). There are some prices online as well. You can create an account but it takes 24 hours to validate it. Since even the United States version of the website is only available in Spanish, the job board targets Spanish-speaking people.

Jobseeker observations: To apply to a job, you need to create an account (even if you are redirected to another job board or application page). To create an account, you need to be in South America, give your gender and marital status but no CV is needed. However, you won’t be able to apply to any jobs if your profile is incomplete. On your dashboard, the different sections are in a list (not a grid) including your offers, your tests and your CV. Also, you can choose the visibility of your profile (sent to companies).

The job offers: Practically all the jobs are in the capital and most of them are for sales and marketing and IT. Right now, there are about 1500 job offers.

Reactivity: There is an email in the terms and conditions and they respond quickly to an inquiry sent through the form on the website.

Special features: Profile visibility options; the YouTube videos; the statistics on the job offers; the key numbers on the recruiter page; testimonials.

Verdict: The site is easy to use and it has made some good changes to its filters and social media accessibility. That said, the layout of the job offers remains very basic. This isn't the site to use to feature your company as a brand.

Written by Ali Neill

As the job board tester and blog editor for the Jobboard Finder, Ali works on job boards from all around the world and keeps a close eye on the recruitment trends thanks to a number of sources, including the website's social media pages.

Uruguay recruitment market status

Spanish is the national language but foreigners can find a healthy source of income by teaching English. It enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America and levels of corruption are quite low. It also has the second highest standard and affordable cost of living in South America.  

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