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Beyond is The Career Network that helps companies find and hire better people by creating targeted connections with over 50 million job seeker members. In addition to providing professionals with a central location to find millions of jobs, valuable career content and relevant opportunities selected for them, Beyond gives companies a powerful platform for starting conversations with the right candidates.

The Beyond experience is centered on a relationship-driven approach that produces higher candidate quality and better recruitment results through targeted job promotion, candidate search, text messaging, email campaigns and more.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Beyond is a member of The Network and is one of the largest job boards in the US.

  • The website desing is simple, attractive, and easy to use
  • On the homepage you can see the new companies using the service to hire, join your talent community where you can post questions and join in discussions, and you can read the latest articles published on the site about recruitment and job searching 
  • Job seekers can do a quick search according to the list of job sectors on the homepage or they can do a general search and then narrow down the results according to: job title, key words, and city or region
  • There is no date of publication on the job offers that appear in the search engine so it is difficult to say whether these postings are updated regularly and recent
  • This site also offers a salary guide so job seekers can make sure they are getting the right amount of salary. This guide is based on the community's opinions and polls.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

  • Online member acquistion campaigns
  • Hiring specials to attract new employers and provide additional value to existing ones
  • Participation at numerous recruitment trade shows, including SHRM

Latest innovations

  • SmartMatch Alerts. Beyond now uses SmartMatch technology helps members discover opportunities they might not have found on their own. Using behavioral matching, SmartMatch alert emails deliver jobs that are most likely to interest each individual member based on other jobs they have viewed, liked or applied to.

  • Text2Hire Text Messaging Campaigns. Text2Hire campaigns allow hiring companies to reach out directly to a targeted list of candidates from an opt-in list of nearly 5 million Beyond members. With an average response rate of 15% within the first hour, Text2Hire is proving highly successful at helping companies start instant conversations with in-demand candidates.

  • Talent Communities. Beyond has evolved our niche model to bring together millions of members on over 500 Talent Communities, giving them a place to interact with the latest career content related to their profession

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