Where to Find Your Next Job after the Lockdown7 min read

Ali Neill / May 18, 2020
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Caption: Where to Find Your Next Job after the Lockdown7 min read

For all of us, this is a unique time in our lives. We all had some days when we just wanted to skip work because we did not feel like working. And this is normal. However, this world pandemic forced many businesses to close and many more people lost their jobs or were forced to work from home. The lockdown has had many consequences.

Sadly, few industries were not affected by quarantine measures that many countries took. People are forced to spend more time inside and they are allowed to go out only to go shopping or for short walks near their homes. This means that they cannot go to malls, parks, restaurants, or bars anymore. Any public gathering is forbidden and traveling is suspended.

Some industries rely on their customers, without which they cannot do without. For example, people that were working at restaurants, travel or car rental agencies, and even fashion or jewelry stores have probably lost their jobs. Because if there are no customers, the business cannot sustain itself.

If you are among the unfortunate people that lost their job because of the coronavirus pandemic, you should know that the entire world will be changed after lockdown measures go away. Countries plan on a slow reopening of malls, stores, or beauty salons. And even though some of you might be able to return to your previous job, others might be forced to search for another job. So where can you find your next job? Keep reading to find out.

Which Industries Are Most Hit by Coronavirus Pandemic?

Because this virus is spreading very fast and it can turn out to be deadly for people that already have certain health vulnerabilities, the whole world came to a halt. Traveling, automotive, and fashion industries are among the most hit by the latest pandemic.

The sales of cars, trips, cruises, and even clothes and shoes have dropped considerably, compared with the sales of the previous years. And it is normal, people spend most of their time inside. Why would they need gas for their car, clothing items, or trips? For the moment, we are not allowed to travel anywhere abroad, and most likely, the travel and rent a car industry will be the ones that will have a hard time recovering.

So, what industries will be in high demand for people after the lockdown? Where should you look for a job?

Tech Industry

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to shut down, but the ones that could, have shifted their activity online. This is valid also for the educational sector, as mass gatherings should be avoided and so, many students have online courses.

The tech industry will have among the highest demands of people. There is a global need for tech products, such as software that facilitates online meetings, task assignments, or collaboration between teams. There is also a global need for apps that aim to help people improve and maintain their wellbeing. This means people will need to set up the technology, share it and train others to use it.

Everyone feels the effects of prolonged isolation, lack of social contact, and exercise. And because face to face meetings should be avoided, these activities can shift online. More and more personal trainers began offering online support and videos to help people stay fit inside.

Jobs such as Full Stack Developer, iOS or Android developer, test engineers, UX designers or Cloud engineer will be among the most popular on the market. If you do not have any tech background, do not worry.

There are a lot of universities and organizations that made their courses free and available to everyone. You can take them at your own pace and prepare for your future career. Keep in mind the HR Recruiters appreciate your desire to learn and improve too, not only your skillset.


Because we all must follow the social distancing rules, many businesses, companies, universities, and schools have shifted their activity online. This means that they share a lot of data between teams and store important files online.

However, according to UK assignment help, most of the data stored and shared online is sensitive. Companies are looking for novel ways of protecting their shared files and computers against hackers, as hacker attacks are on the rise.

Many companies and businesses are looking for cybersecurity specialists that will search for vulnerabilities within their systems and risks in hardware and software. And this demand will likely remain stable and high after lockdown.

Prototyping Industry

This world pandemic showed the entire humanity one thing. We are not ready for a world pandemic and this was visible when the demand for protective equipment and sanitizer increased. Even though this increased collaboration between countries, as they send each other protection equipment, a new industry begins to rise.

It is about the 3D Printing and Prototyping industry, which began to produce visor masks and mechanical ventilators to help the health industry face this challenge and people survive. Even though the demand for these specific medical objects will decrease at some point, this pandemic revealed the huge potential of this industry.

The 3D printing and prototyping industry will begin to produce other objects that will be in high demand and they need people to face these challenges successfully. More and more people will choose 3D printing because it is a cost-effective and accessible option.

Digital Marketing

Everyone is online and that includes companies, which need to keep their customers engaged. Even though restaurants or bars are closed, some of them are making deliveries. Sure, they will reopen businesses at some point, but until then they need to keep their customers close.

Digital marketing is a domain that is in high demand for people and will surely still be after lockdown. Companies are changing their marketing approach, as the environmental context has changed. They need to find other ways to attract employees and customers, so they will likely invest in promotion and digital marketing.

There are a lot of online courses that teach you the basics of online marketing. You can learn about how to make the right marketing strategy, how to define your user personas, or how to use social media to your advantage. They can be found online for free, and some of them are offered by high authoritative sources such as Google.

Personal Protective Equipment

Even though the number of coronavirus patients will drop slowly and lockdown measures will be lifted, we will still need to follow some rules to protect our health. This means that we will need to wear a face mask when going shopping and always have gloves. These are minimal protection rules that we all will need to follow.

So, the industry that is producing personal protective equipment is and will surely be in high demand for people. Think about the fact that all countries need to face masks and protective equipment, so there is a huge demand. There are a lot of factories that were producing clothing items and now changed their activity and started producing textile face masks.


As we said, many restaurants and bars are now active only through delivery, so they need drivers. It is unlikely that people will return to previous traveling habits, so they will avoid dining in a restaurant or going to a supermarket to buy groceries.

It is not about the car-sharing industry which will have among the slowest recoveries, it is about delivery. There are more and more delivery services that deliver not only food but an interesting and attractive service too. They go shopping for you and bring your shopping list to your door, for a fee. This is a pretty cool service that people will continue using after lockdown too.

Sanitizer Manufacturing Industry

This world pandemic taught us something important: we need to wash our hands more often. The viruses and bacteria can spread quickly and they can remain active on devices and in places many people use, such as elevators, public toilets, and so on.

The demand for hand sanitizer increased with this world pandemic, but it will likely remain stable after lockdown too. It is not only about hand sanitizer, but also about disinfectant and house sanitizer as well. M and more people have become more aware of the importance of basic hygiene habits.


Even though some industries will experience a slow recovery, others will bloom and will be in high demand for people. Look for jobs in industries such as tech, cybersecurity, digital marketing, hygiene, or prototyping.

We would like to thank James Murphy for this contibution,  an essay writer and full-time content creator at Australian assignment help.


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