The recruitment methods’ evolution through the history2 min read

Kelly Desormes / September 15, 2014
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Caption: The recruitment methods’ evolution through the history2 min read

Job sites, resumes database, and mobile applications have not always been part of the recruiter’s arsenal. The recruitment market evolves at the same time as everyday technology, and is today better known as the e-recruitment market.

Recruitment exists since the beginning of the very notion of organization. A very long time ago (55 BC) before Jobboard Finder, the world’s largest job board encyclopedia, was born, Julius Caesar gave birth to the employee referrals by offering 300 Sestertius to any soldier recruiting another into the Roman army. Many years after, during the industrial revolution the main recruitment media was a simple sign in front of the factory. After that, the recruitment process changed and therefore the recruitment market too.

From the 50’s to the 80’s the most popular recruitment media was the newspapers. Indeed, more than 75% of candidates were sourced via newspapers adverts. The recruitment consultants in the 80’s had only a phone and 3 tools to get the best talents; the local newspapers, the national newspapers and the specialist job supplements. The interviews were face to face meetings, usually at the bar.

In the early 90’s, the World Wide Web was born without considering it will significantly change the recruitment market. Indeed, in the mid 90’s the first on line job sites were launched. Recruitment became then e-recruitment. Recruiters had to change their habits and start recruiting online. They had to advertise jobs online while advertising their offers in a print magazine or newspapers. The first contact with the candidate was usually an email and then a talk on the phone.

In the 2000s the recruitment methods changed very fast given that only 6% of job seekers used the Internet in their job hunt in 2002 against 46% in 2003. Job boards are the recruiters preferred tool. Recruiters post their ads and buy resumes database access to get the best candidate. They became far more tech savvy, as print declined.

Today more than 97% of job seekers search their new career opportunities over the Internet. The Internet offers many ways for a recruiter to find the perfect candidate; they can advertise jobs online through job sites or their career websites. However the 2014 recruiter is hyper connected. Job boards are not enough to recruit a talent. Recruiters are socially everywhere connected by any means possible: 24/7. They use professional social media e.g. LinkedIn and regular social networks such as Twitter or even Facebook to find the best talent. We call that the social network recruitment.

Although how the recruitment will be in 15 or 20 years?


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