The 2014 job boards Cup3 min read / June 24, 2014
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Caption: The 2014 job boards Cup3 min read

It seems that a victory at the worldwide football cup could make people forget about the increasing unemployment rate! Given that recruitment and football are closely tied down, why not organizing a Worldwide Cup according the number of job boards in every country?

Jobboard Finder, the world’s largest job board search engine, has identified more than 3,000 job sites worldwide. In order to select the job boards that will be published and to collect all the necessary information, the Jobboard Finder Team is permanently in contact with e-recruitment media all around the world. Since the beginning of the football Cup in Brazil, conversations are always punctuated by football forecasts. Therefore, little by little, an idea has come up; a job board Cup could completely change the story!

First, let’s qualify the 32 teams. Because we are nice players, we are giving an honor’s place to the organizing country; Brazil, which would have obtained its qualification in any manner with 28 job boards within the country. However countries such as Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Ecuador, Croatia, Greece, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Uruguay, and Honduras will not be selected according to their number of job sites (less than 10). Yet in order to be part of the 32 teams qualified to our job boards Cup, countries must count at least 12 job sites, just like Singapore the last one qualified.

Here is the final draw:
Final draw

As one can see, the big e-recruitment nations are mostly located on the north hemisphere, which is not exactly the case of the big football nations.

In every group 2 nations are victorious. Unfortunately the Netherlands are not strong enough and narrowly lost the game with 52 job boards for such a small country!

During the final phases of our job boards Cup, there is an historical game between the USA and Russia. To everyone’s complete surprise, the United States is victorious. Italy is pushed out by Germany with only 55 job sites against 206! What a beating for Italians who are going home without even reaching the quarter finals. Brazil meets the same fate against Spain and is largely beaten 28-70. Hopefully for the public order, this defeat has gone unnoticed.

In the quarter finals, France got crushed by the USA which has 290 job boards more. The Jobboard Finder team, mostly French, accepts the defeat with fair-play and hopes that will actually not be the case in the real football Cup, or at least not against the USA.

In semi finals, on one side we have 2 big English-speaking countries; Australia against the USA, where local job sites are in massive numbers. On the other side, 2 European countries with a strong economy face each other; the UK against Germany. For the first time in the History, the USA goes to the great final by beating Australia 516-134! Germany is defeated by the UK in the same proportions, which promises a new and very competitive final!

Against all odds for the e-recruitment market, the UK won the great final with a world record; 551 job sites within the country. The US counts however 516 job sites.

Through this competition Jobboard Finder reminds us that the job boards jungle is sometimes hard to understand for uninformed recruiters and therefore its job boards encyclopedia brings some order in this multitude.


About Jobboard Finder:

Launched on the 15th of May 2014, is a job board encyclopedia enabling worldwide recruiters to find the best job boards that meet their needs. With already hundreds of job boards registered in the EMEA zone, Jobboard Finder has a very smart multi-criteria search engine allowing recruiters to find job sites per country, sector and range.

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