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Kelly Desormes / June 2, 2015
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Social Networks used by employers
Caption: Job Hunt + Social Media = Hired or Rejected3 min read recent survey shows that more than 1 out of 2 recruiters have researched a job candidate on social networks. What jobseekers post on their social networking profiles can have a lot of consequences on their career. But what are recruiters really looking for? survey

Looking for a job isn’t an easy task and finding the right candidate for that job isn’t neither. That’s why some recruiters prefer to check social media to see whether the candidate will fit the position and the company’s culture. recently conducted a survey on 400 HR professionals in the UK and their use of social media during a recruiting process. The survey shows that fifty-two percent of them have declared to research job candidates on social media and a further 10 percent plan to start doing it. It is surprising (or not) to see that the first two social media examined by recruiters are not professional ones:

  • Facebook (62 percent)
  • Twitter (45 percent)
  • LinkedIn (44 percent)
  • Google + (22 percent)
  • Instagram and Pinterest (9 percent)

The use of some social media really depends on the position; e.g. a community manager should be present and active on almost all regular social networks while a creative should at least use social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr.

The reasons why employers use social media

According to Jennifer Newman, a workplace psychologist, employers are looking at social media to check if an applicant has the abilities and skills to do the job and also to evaluate if he or she will match with the company’s culture. She says “Recruiters are mostly interested in job-related information and that’s why they like LinkedIn. It’s also a cross-reference with the resume, therefore it’s key that everything should be the same on both. If it’s not, it can work against a candidate.

More than 1 out of 2 recruiters have researched a job candidate on social networks.
More than 1 out of 2 recruiters have researched a job candidate on social networks.

From what Newman says, recruiters examine Facebook to find out if an applicant will fit the organization. Does the candidate appear to be extroverted, impulsive or neurotic? She adds, “It can be a great tool to decide if the applicant’s personality would fit with the company. Employers are more interested on what the profile says about job-related things. They’ll focus on whether the candidate seems knowledgeable and enjoys life. They’ll also look to see if they are active in sports, or having hobbies or interests.

The social media hunt on both sides

Recruiters research job candidates on social media and on Google, but they have to be aware that candidates do the same. There are some different websites to see if a company has a good inside reputation or not. Facebook or LinkedIn can be useful or even Glassdoor which is at the same time a job board and a platform where candidates can find reviews about companies. Of course a candidate applying for a job at Google compared to one applying for a job in a smaller business, will not find and look for the same information. However for smaller companies and big ones, this hunting practice can be two-edged.

That is why it is very important for a company to work on its employer branding. Having a good reputation as an employer makes the hiring process a lot easier. HR communications agencies, such as Aktor Interactive, guide employers in their communications strategy.

Author: Kelly Desormes

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