How to write a good job advert?5 min read

Anne-Marie / July 20, 2017
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Caption: How to write a good job advert?5 min read

There are many types of job adverts, their size often depends on the size of your company, its activity, the job position and its missions. But there are some simple rules to follow, as well as essential details you have to put to make sure that it attracts the right candidates, the right talents for the job. As specialists in job boards and of job positing on international scale, we know that writing a good job advert takes time. We also know that it is sometimes pretty expensive to post them, and that they have to be written properly so as to be efficient. We are going to give you universal tips to write the best job advert possible, to make sure that your job posting will be attracting the right talents for your job offer.job hiring

Step 1: Think about your recruitment needs with the whole company.

If it is to replace a person retiring, a person quitting, who has been sacked or if it is a job opening, you have to think about it with the HR team, but also with the concerned department. Check with everybody if a hiring is necessary, or if you can cope without another employee. Because as recruitment takes time and money, you have to make sure that it will be necessary.

Step 2: Target your audience and the profile required.

A job advert has to be adapted to the profiles you are looking to recruit. You must appeal to your audience, and to the most relevant one. When a job seeker looks for a job they want to read that their skills and experience will be valued. You have to appeal them like customers. You have to catch their eye. You must show that you’re welcoming, otherwise, they won’t apply to your offer.

target audience

Don’t copy and paste your former offer, adapt it to the position and to what you offer, and of course to what you look for. “Talk to people on their level and in the second person, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ rather than ‘we’ and ‘our’”, an advice we found on this very interesting article on Monster.

Step 3: Check out first if you can’t really hire internally.

Sometimes, the best talents can be found within your current team. Question your employees and check if some of them are unhappy with their current mission, if they want to develop professionally (if the job position offered is an upgrade on their current job, of course). It can help you save time and money because you will not have to write and post a job advert, and you will neither have to train and introduce a new collaborator.

So make sure that you really need a new employee and that the position you’re willing to fill is necessary to your business.

Step 4: Choose an appealing job title and consider SEO.

You must have an appealing job title to increase the number of people who view and click on your job advert. The role will have a certain title internally, but you have to kind of translate it and adapt it to the research of job seekers.  So if you want a Sales Manager, the just entitle the offer “Sales Manager”.

Also, if you want the right people to apply to your adverts, you need to pay attention to keywords. When the job title and the description are relevant, your chances of being seen will increase.

Step 5: Write the advert and set a structure

A job advert has to be short and straight to the point. List the most important tasks and don’t waste time with the occasional ones. Write a short overview of the position and preferred qualifications, so that the wrong candidates eliminate themselves.

missions in a company

As there is not one single advert format, make sure that all following elements are included:


It must be short (around 40 words). Start straight with the job (not the company description). This is to make sure that the reader gets if its profile suits the offer quickly.


It is often advised to list three to seven main tasks. List the most relevant and not the occasional ones. It doesn’t need to include every role responsibilities, just enough to attract the right people.

Skills and other qualifications required

This is what you are looking for in the “perfect” applicant. Tell what is necessary and what would be ideal. These are very important details to job seekers.

Salary and Rewards

Some companies don’t like to put a salary range because they think it can already have an impact on some candidates. On the other hand, some recruiters do think that putting a salary range can help attracting candidates. It is also important to mention key benefits they can look forward to. This can help you stand out of the competition.


It helps the candidate to plan future travels for example, or maybe to move out.

Company presentation

Sometimes, it can be found first, at the top of the advert, but nowadays it is important to put the candidate first. Tell them more about your business, about the industry, tell them more about your values, your mission, and the team they would work in, etc. This will also help you to differ from the competition. Don’t be modest and tell them why your company is great.

Steps to follow next

The interested leader will want to either click on “Apply Now” or to send an email with a CV and a covering letter. Don’t forget to mention what you need the candidates to include to their application.

Well, that’s it, you’re now ready to write an efficient job advert. Don’t forget that you can get helped by consultants if you have had unsuccessful campaigns before.

Good luck!

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