Top recruitment & HR inspirational quotes for 2017

Maria / January 24, 2017
Category : Human Resources, Recruitment, Recruitment advice

Sometimes in life, there are moments when small tasks may seem unbeatable and your work life balance gets knocked out of whack by your job. When you can’t seem to succeed in completing and crossing each thing you need to do off you list and you feel like giving up, it’s time to take a step back from the pile of work and consider your options. Other times, you just need an extra push to motivate you to do the best job in hand that is possible, and this is often difficult to procure from your colleagues and managers. That is why a lot of professionals look to motivational and inspiration quotes to give them the extra boost they need during the day to see them succeed and perform the best they can.

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The digital transformation and the Human Resources

Kelly Desormes / January 27, 2016
Category : Human Resources, Recruitment, Recruitment news and technology

The business world has changed a lot over the years as well as the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we recruit. For few months we have heard a lot about the “digital transformation” which refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Business and therefore Human Resources are affected by this digital transformation and have to adapt themselves to this new trend. Adapting to this change does not mean implementing new methods, but implementing a brand new strategy.