7 Ways to Introduce Healthy Habits into The Workplace5 min read

Ali Neill / August 17, 2021
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Caption: 7 Ways to Introduce Healthy Habits into The Workplace5 min read

Just about all of us know that we are in need of making healthier decisions on a more or less daily basis. Unfortunately, many, if not most of us usually fail to initiate the kind of substantial changes that we need, until it is too late. I.e we have ended up with unforeseen health complications. Convenience is a pretty big excuse here. In fact, it is one of the more common ones around. We believe that since we work 50-60 hours a week we just simply don’t have the time to work out, exercise or even to eat healthy stuff.  And yet these healthy habits are so important for our well-being!

Sometimes, our work schedule is nothing more than a mere scapegoat for laziness. If you are motivated enough, you can easily use your work hours to inculcate healthy habits that last a lifetime. Let us see for ourselves, how we can go about doing that. 

You should always take your own lunch

Bad or downright poor nutrition is one of the most common complaints regarding eating during office hours. Since one is pressed for time and there is a desire to get out of the office, fast food is usually the single most common lunch option for office workers. It is good enough if you have it once or twice every fortnight or so. Nevertheless, a daily diet of greasy burgers and fries can spell trouble in the long run. You can avoid all this by packing your own lunch. You can take a few hours on Sunday to cook and pack for the whole week. This will mean that you would not have to cook every day.

Stand up and walk a bit frequently

Most of us sit still in front of our respective desks for 8 to 10 hours a day. This is awful for the posture, blood circulation, as well as overall health. If one can’t get away from one’s workstation, one should at least stand up and walk around for a little while every hour or so. In the past, we’ve even mentioned walking meetings that are quite popular in Australia. In additiont to walking around, it’s important to get a comfortable chair so that it would help relieve the pressure off your neck and back. If you’ve ever tried sitting at the kitchen table on a table chair for a day, you’ll know just how uncomfortable work can be.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily

Most experts highly recommend that a person should get at least 30 minutes or even moderate physical activity every day. If you can’t do it during your routine working hours, you should make do with your lunchtime to do the needful. 

Going up and down the stairs for instance can be a good workout. Or a brisk walk around your office building can get your blood flowing faster. As long as you put in half an hour a day, you are good to go. One simple way to keep track of your daily activity is with an app or connected watch. You can visualise your steps and your heart rate all throughout the day and add simple healthy habits to your routine.

Try to avoid negative situations

Negative emotions will almost always place a burden on your emotions. Moreover, such negativity can also adversely affect your mental health too. However, it is usually possible to try and avoid negative situations even as you surround yourself with all kinds of positivity. Avoid all kinds of office politics and drama. If someone wants to pull you into their conflicts, tell them politely that you are not interested. This way, you will be able to concentrate on your own productivity.

Unplug yourself for certain periods of time

Being constantly wired to work and the internet can be pretty exhausting. Even if it is your job requirement, you still need your me space. Set some time when you can unplug and disconnect yourself. It can be a mid-morning break or part of your afternoon tea ritual. It is totally up to you. In some companies, you have a personal phone and a work phone. This really helps employees stop thinking about their work projects and focus on themselves or family.

Improve your skills as well as those of your employees

You should consider offering classes and courses for the employees In your office to develop and improve their business skills. There are many courses for this,  such as the course mini MBA online. Alternately, you can even let the employees choose the training they want, so that they will be able to extract maximum mileage from it. 

Encourage outside meetings

The benefits of fresh air and nature are undeniable. Studies have shown that outdoor meetings and workspaces can reduce stress, increase productivity by encouraging movement, promote sociability between coworkers so take time to step outside at your next meeting or visit a park during lunch break! Especially in the summer, who doesn’t want an excuse to go out and take in the sunshine? If you need an excuse or something to back up your request, you can always forward this article to your boss.


You don’t have to develop unhealthy work habits, even if others are doing the same. You have to take care of your physical and mental well-being if you are to thrive in your work life.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ll be adding healthy habits to your routine. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us.


source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/five-healthy-habits-net-more-healthy-years-2020021918907

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