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Site's statement

Workindenmark is a public employment service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and Danish companies searching for talented foreign employees.

Our three Workindenmark centres, placed in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, offer a series of recruitment services to employers and information and guidance to jobseekers living and working in Denmark.

In addition, this website provides both job seekers and employers with the information, guidance and tools to bring together Danish employers and foreign candidates.


The vision of Workindenmark is to support the creation of a balanced labour market in Denmark.


The mission of Workindenmark is to assist Danish companies in finding highly qualified foreign candidates and to assist foreign job seekers in finding work and establish a working life in Denmark.

We do this by:

  • Assisting Danish companies in recruiting highly qualified candidates
  • Assisting highly qualified jobseekers in finding a job in Denmark
  • Providing assistance for approaching the Danish authorities (International Citizen Service)
  • Providing information and guidance about living and working conditions in Denmark.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Workindenmark is the official site of the Danish government for the recruitment of international labour.

  • The site is free of charge, and is the only job board that compiles all job postings from Danish companies targeting international applicants.
  • The website is very modern and user-friendly.
  • Job offers are of a good quality and varied in terms of employment sector.
  • Most of the job offers are for high qualified candidates such as managers, engineers, informaticians etc...
  • There is advice and guidance for international candidates interested in living and working in Denmark
  • The site is very supportive and helpful for foriegners who are intersted in moving to Denmark 

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Additional job board information

Latest innovations

In the beginning of 2014, Workindenmark will be re-launched with a new design and architecture, that will make it easier for international applicants to find relevant jobs, as well as information about working and living in Denmark.

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