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Site's statement is the newest job board from Everjobs Ivory coast. Discover our new job board to find a job in Africa.

Are you looking for work in Ivory Coast? Then Jumia Jobs is the website you were looking for. Whether you are searching for your next position or for career advice, we are here to help you out and boost your career.

Searching for a job in Ivory Coast is often done offline by scanning magazines, journals and newspapers. It’s a lot easier to use our website that where you can filter out job ads and save your results. With our CV generator, you can create an online CV easily and apply to any company in a few seconds.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

JumiaJobs is an Ivory Coast based job board

  • The interface of the website is attractive and sleek
  • You can research by job category, company and town to narrow down your ideal job offers
  • There are adverts from a plethora of well-known companies, such as Unilever, Orange and the Red Cross
  • The adverts range in quality; some have very short and un-detailed descriptions
  • The site is very user-friendly and allows candidates to switch tabs between professional and service jobs
  • You can apply for jobs directly on the form, there is no need to create an account
  • Recruiters can choose to upgrade their jobs to ‘featured’ to ensure more visibility on the home page

Ivory Coast recruitment market status

Since 2012 the country has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its primarily known as the worlds largest exporter of cocoa beans. The current economy is undergoing continuous growth and stability. Though Ivorians are dependant largely on the agricultural sector they are trying to slowly move out of agriculture jobs as non farm enterprise worker can earn 7 times more than an agricultural worker. Teaching English can be one of the industry that may offer a job in Ivory Coast. Foreign nationals interested in working here should have at least a working knowledge of French unless sent on a job assignment for a limited period. Expats may find it a challenge to find a profesional job in the country. 

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