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Jora is a job search engine that is currently available in 36 countries across 7 languages, and expanding rapidly to more countries in 2018.  Jora is focused on getting all jobs, so that job seekers will not miss out on finding their dream job – this means more local and relevant jobs, not jobs spread-out across the globe.  In their focus countries, they have more jobs than the global leaders.

Jora was founded in Australia, where it is the market leader in terms of volume of jobs having ~2x as many jobs as anyone else.  Unlike traditional job boards, Jora gathers jobs directly from job sites including SEEK, industry associations, and company websites.

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Jobboard Finder’s opinion is one of the most visited employment sites in Australia and is now present in 32 countries around the world:

  • The design of the website is very simple but easy to navigate. What is great is that all the Jora sites for the different countries around the world are the same
  • When you arrive on the landing page, you can choose which country you want to search for from a list of 32 countries
  • There are no frills or extras to the site, just the search engine and the results
  • On the homepage, there is a real time calculation of how many job offers are online on the site at that moment 
  • You cannot do a quick search from a list of positions; but you can do a general search and then use the filters to narrow the results
  • These filters include job type, salary estimate, category, location, title, source, and if it was recently published
  • Job offers are varied in terms of positions and job sectors
  • The job postings also have a clear date of publication so we can safely say that this site is regularly updated and recent.

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    • Brighter Monday
    • Jobberman
  • Oceania
    • SEEK Australia
    • SEEK New Zealand
    • Jora Local
  • Asia
    • JobStreet
    • jobsDB
    • Zhaopin
    • Bdjobs
  • South America
    • OCC Mundial
    • Catho
    • Manager Empregos
    • Workana

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