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JobsGivers is a Nigerian base jobboard, our service is available online and offline. We publish verified latest job vacancies in Nigeria on regular basis to enable Nigeria job seekers search and apply for available vacancies.

We do not only list job vacancies on our jobboard but we also offer the service of helping job seekers source and apply for those jobs where they are too busy to handle the stress of job search themselves.

Job seekers can get useful career advise from our website and also use our CV rewrIting service to revamp their CV. Our Jobboard is equally a conducive atmosphare for  both Government and Private organisations to carry out recruitment with the help of our emplyers job posting service. We can also handle the entire recruitment process for organisations that request us to do so.

There is no better place for job seekers in Nigeria to search and find their dream job other than JobsGivers, we bridge the gap between the employers and the job seekers in Nigeria.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

This year we launched a service called (APPLY FO ME). In this service we have two packages, GOLD and SILVER .

In GOLD package we help job seekers source and submit application for jobs listed on our jobboard for a duration of one month while in SILVER package we help job seekers apply for a specific job advert they request us to applly for them either on our jobboard or outside our jobboard.

This was a major event / service that kicked off this year.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

We have several job aggregators that partner with us to aggregate our job listings on thheir website through the help of our XML feed. one of those job aggregators is:

We also have various other reputable websites who use our Job Widget to integrate our job listings on their website.


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