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The world's leading financial careers website and the place to go for the best financial candidates.

You’re a financial professional

If you’re a financial professional, we’ll give you the vital edge you need to maximise your career. Invaluable industry insights, for example. Access to career-changing roles from across the industry from leading brands to niche boutiques. Not to mention news and analysis, career-shaping advice and professional opinion.

In short, we focus on helping you be first in line, and best prepared. We make sure you know about the latest opportunities and have the best market intelligence – wherever and whenever you need it.

You’re recruiting financial services talent

If you’re recruiting financial services talent, we’ll help you gain a vital edge over your competitors. Our advanced recruitment solutions will enable you to source the talent you need, quickly and efficiently.

You’ll have access to the largest pool of top talent with the right mix of skills – who are keen to progress their career to the next level. And that access, together with our invaluable market intelligence, is tailored to the changing needs of your business – allowing you to leverage a tangible competitive advantage.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

eFinancial Careers is THE website for careers and recruitment in the finance sector in France. The website and the search engine are clear, modern and user-friendly. It is ovious, but it has to be noticed that most of job offers are located in Paris area. Traffic has dropped since March 2015 with 180,000 estimated monthly visits down to 65,000 in May 2015 (SimilarWeb). The website is also avalaible in French and English, which is a plus! eFinancial Careers still remains as one of the best job sites for the financial sector.

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Additional job board information

Marketing activities

Our editorial team covers news on the financial services job market and compensation as well as offering expert opinions on the issues related to careers in the financial sector.

They also produce specialist advice articles on applications and CVs, career coaching, interviews and qualifications for professionals working in banking and finance.

Aggregators &
Media Partners

More than 45 partners such L'Agefi, L'Express, L'Expansion and BFM Business

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