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Job board definition and lexicon

What are job boards ?

A job board – also called job site, job portal, job website or employment website – is a website that deals specifically with employment or careers.

A job board enables employers to publish job offers for a position to be filled. For their search, jobseekers navigate through different websites in order to find a job.

Job board definition

What are the different types of job boards?

We have distinguished 4 types of job portals (generalists, specialists, news and classifieds and employment offices).

A generalist job board is a job site that is not sector or position oriented, i.e. all kinds of positions or sectors are represented.

    Few examples of generalist job boards :

  • HeadHunter (hh.ru)
  • Naukri
  • Career Builder
  • Seek.com.au
  • Pracuj Poland

On the other hand a specialist job board is a job portal focusing on one type of sector or position e.g. a job board specialized in the environment sector or a job board only for sales people.

    Few examples of specialist job boards :

  • Upwork: specialist freelance jobboard
  • Letudiant : specialist graduates and students jobboard
  • FreshersWorld : specialist graduates and students jobboard
  • NRMjobs : specialist in Agriculture, education and energy
  • Computer Jobs Ireland : IT / engineering specialist jobboard

A news and classifieds website, as its name suggests, displays news and/or classifieds and has an employment section. Nowadays all the local and national newspapers and classifieds websites have a job section.

An employment office or employment agency is a national organization that displays job offers and matches employers with employees. In countries they are public and in some others they are private.

    Few examples of employment offices :

  • Work In Denmark jobboard
  • USA Jobs
  • Arbeitsagentur

What are the different ranges of job boards?

There are 3 types of ranges for job boards. A job board can be:

  • Local, meaning the job board only covers a region within a country e.g. only the New York State in the USA.
  • National, which means the job board operates at a national scale.
  • Multi-countries, meaning it covers several countries, e.g. a job board operating in the whole of Europe.

What is an aggregator?

An aggregator or a metasearch engine is a website that aggregates job offers from multiple sources such as job boards, employers’ career websites, online classifieds and associations’ websites.

What is an employer review website?

An employer review website is a website where current and past employees from a specific company write reviews about their experience within the company. They can give a grade and also post comments. Glassdoor USA is one of the most famous employer review websites.