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What are the benefits of Jobboard Finder?

Jobboard Finder is the world’s largest job board directory and search engine designed to help recruiters, job boards and job seekers.

Recruiters: optimize your e-recruitment budget

Jobboard Finder is the perfect decision-making tool to set up an e-recruitment campaign. You can get access to accurate and comprehensive information about hundreds of employment websites. Traffic figures are provided by SimilarWeb, which ensures objectivity. The search engine and comparison tool help recruiters find the job boards that best suits their needs.

Once recruiters have decided what media they are interested in, they can buy job postings at discounted prices through our Market Place.

Job boards: partner with the world’s largest job board directory and join hundreds of other job sites worldwide

If you join Jobboard Finder’s database, your job board will be available to recruiters and job seekers from all over the world.  It is free of charge to reference a job website in our directory, which represents a unique and cost-effective way for media to communicate about their online recruitment products on a worldwide scale.

Once a job board profile is complete, our team checks the information and data provided before publishing it. A published job site on Jobboard Finder is available to recruiters and job seekers all over the world.

Jobseekers: find the perfect job site for your own needs

There are several thousands of job sites all world wide, but do you even know the main job boards in your home country? With Jobboard Finder, you can get a clear overview of the online recruitment market. The search engine helps you find job sites by type or location.
Let's say you want to work abroad but you don’t know what job sites you should use to find a job. Jobboard Finder is here to help you access job boards in the specific country or industry you are aiming for.

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I’m a recruiter, why should I use Jobboard Finder?

Jobboard Finder is the world's largest job website directory and the first decision-making tool for online recruitment campaigns. Jobboard Finder is a website gathering tools and services that recruiters can use to search and compare employment websites from all over the world. Today recruiters can also purchase job advertisements for the media they selected and manage their postings directly from our unique platform. Then they can rate and review the job boards they have used in the past for our community of professionals to see.

Search and find your e-recruitment media Find any e-recruitment media, anywhere

All notable worldwide e-recruitment job sites are gathered in a unique and exhaustive database. Our job board partners have been carefully selected by our team. Jobboard Finder helps recruiters find the best job boards for their recruitment needs and therefore helps them to become more effective in finding the right candidates.

Save time on your job board selection Save time on your job board selection

With our powerful multi-criteria search engine, you can search through hundreds of job boards by country, sector, type and name. Our friendly user interface provides complete, verified and updated information about our job board partners in their profiles such as positioning, audience figures, rates, reviews and contact details. Compare job boards by traffic or price and choose the website that best suits your needs. Jobboard Finder features a comparison tool and audience figures provided by SimilarWeb, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics.

e-recruitment Budget optimization Optimize your recruitment budget

Don't select your e-recruitment media randomly or renew old contracts simply out of habit anymore. For free, you can search through our database of more than 900 job boards worldwide  (national, regional, generalist, specialist, professional social networks...) and get detailed information about audience, traffic, costs, products and you can have a personalized help by our recruitment consultant on Jobboardfinder by pressing the "Get a quotation" button. Figures and information are verified by our team.

I’m a job board, why should I register?

Join the first world's qualitative job board database for free!

Improve your E-marketing strategy

By putting forward your job board in our directory, you create a dedicated webpage for your job board and you can add a link on a website (Jobboardfinder) with high authority in the recruitment, job & employment domain.

High qualified audience A highly qualified audience

Jobboard Finder gathers two types of users: recruiters and jobseekers. Both can browse through the website for free and find information about job sites from all over the world.

Complete and verified information Complete and verified information

Jobboard Finder sorted through over 3000 job boards to bring recruiters the best that offer a quality service. Job boards with incomplete profiles or vague descriptions are rejected, and the provided data (audience, number of job offers etc.) is checked. Jobboard Finder also has also access to traffic certification authorities such as OJD (France), IVW (Germany), ABC (UK), KIA Index (Sweden). Our commitment: giving everyone the opportunity to compare the main job sites on the market equally. You can check here our Scoring calculation metrics : Jobboard Finder Scoring In order to do so, Jobboard Finder relies on SimilarWeb, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics that provides audience figures from many job sites worldwide. A job board with traffic figures measured by SimilarWeb ensures more credibility for recruiters than a job board providing its own figures. Furthermore this enables a fair comparison between the job boards.

Consult updated information Updated information

Because content and features of online media are changing faster and faster, customers want updated and real-time information.
With Jobboard Finder, it is possible to access and edit your data whenever you want. The more complete and updated your profile is, the more attractive it will look to recruiters.

I'm a job seeker, how will Jobboard Finder help me with my job search?

Valuable information Valuable information for job seekers

Jobboard Finder selected 900 quality job boards out of the 3,000 we identified in over 160 countries. Our worldwide largest job website directory gives you a quick and simple access to the market leaders as well as to hundreds of niche and specialist job sites.

What oil-and-gas specialized job boards have the most job offers in the USA?
Where can I find offers for a summer job in Spain?
What are the best websites for PhD jobs in Europe?

Jobboard Finder helps you answer these questions and saves valuable time in your job search.

Spot job boards abroad The best way to recognize job boards abroad

It's not always easy to identify the best job sites in your own country. But it becomes even harder when you start looking for work abroad. With Jobboard Finder, you can easily discover the best job boards everywhere in the world.

Free access to the best employment sites Free access to the best employment sites

Accessing our database of over 900 job boards is free of charge. With our powerful search engine, you can quickly identify the most relevant job boards for your job search. Then, you will be able to view all the information of these job boards like audience figures, job seeker reviews, job offers and geographic breakdown. Which makes your decision-making easier.